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  1. Desperately frustrated that my cover photo has come out a little blurry, but who can resist a little bit of cheesyness. #homebargains

  2. Some of the action from today's runs for Prime. Nice to be back in the classic Prime Livery.






  3. While this is a technical flaw within the scope of each individual engine's capability, I don't think most people would notice nor care about that specific detail. Indeed, the only time I've made use of the Scout car was when it originally came out, whereby I tested it out, thought "ok cool" and left it at that. The majority of people come here to drive the trucks, so I doubt many people will be overly pedantic about the throttle capabilities of each car engine.
  4. I appreciate that I'm a little late to the party here, but I couldn't help but notice this one. Bearing in mind that TMP is looking to make the transition towards 1.37 (featuring FMOD) during the month of June, you may find that the loud issue is actually fixed by the update anyway, meaning we won't have to go down this route to solve the issue. Perhaps it's best to wait and see how the 1.37 change effects the Scout before proceeding with this.
  5. A brief intermission from the Prime VTC colours to rock this Scottish livery. Might as well, considering the Renault T doesn't allow the Sunset scheme!


    Welsh flag on the passenger side as always for my wonderful girlfriend!



  6. Oh my God do it. Right now. Jokes aside, it's important to understand that even with a vote put in place and the majority of players being in favor of a removal, it's important to keep in mind that a great deal of community members will be casting their vote with self-indulgence in mind. The TMP staff need to consider the harm that could be done to the community as a whole. That includes the amount of reports that come through, the amount of crashes that happen, the amount of frustration it will cause and the trends that such a decision will set. In the end, most may find themselves unhappy with the speed limit remaining in place, but I imagine that it's entire removal may cause problems that render the mod unplayable by most people.
  7. I'm not certain a 90km/h speed limit will solve the issues that exist on the route, when a great deal of collisions stem from the fact that there is some degree of gridlock. It's also not all that much of a difference, as I'm fairly certain some people lose control of their trucks at even less than that — either through inexperience, a lapse of concentration, or downright malice. Regardless of the cause, the issues won't go away with an altered limit. @[Allegiant]Sully raises a good point that some people go there just for trouble, and I find it hard to argue with that summary. The key word there however is some. Not everybody goes there for trouble. Some go because it's busy and like the idea of some form of community. It's by no stretch of the imagination a perfect concept of community, but it exists nonetheless, and some people prefer that to the very quiet roads of Western Russia, or the quiet routes around Sweden. You can't blame people for wanting to see other players on a multiplayer platform. That's the whole point; even if it does mean you get a bumper thump or two as a result. Alas, I don't believe there is an outright solution to the issues that stem from the C-D route, other than players remaining vigilant and reporting those who are deliberately causing undue mayhem.
  8. I made a post about that over here. This should outline the reasoning behind this.
  9. 20200522000644_1.jpg

    Pulling in at the Hotel in Zurich before starting a dummy run for a Prime VTC Heavy Cargo Examination.

  10. The 1.37 update for ETS2 was released May 5th[1] so, it's been 16 days. By no stretch of the imagination have you been waiting for months as you claim. Even the ATS 1.37 update dropped on April 20th[2] which was only 1 month ago. To that end, it's very brazen to suggest that you've been waiting for an unnaturally long time for that too. Couple that with the Mack Anthem being released on April 28th[3] and you find yourself with a great amount of work that has to be done just to get the update to function. New sounds and window functions (which no doubt has an adverse effect on the scout car for MP), a complete overhaul of parts of France (which will cause issues with the speed limiter system on Simulation servers) and countless other behind-the-scenes technical stuff just to make it playable. I'm not even a developer; that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there's a lot more work than what I've listed. It's an unprecedented update, and while I understand that some people are excited to play it on Multiplayer, it takes a lot of work. As that's going on, TMP still operates it's day-to-day operations. Things don't just get dropped because of an update, so patience has to be exercised. @Lasse said on discord today[4]: So yes, be excited, but please, remain patient with those who make TMP a happy place to play.
  11. I have enjoyed the update personally, with the sounds being more surround-based. The most notable part of that for me was in the gas station, where I originally thought I wasn't fueling up properly. It was only later that I found it was because I was in the cab and not next to the pump itself. Certainly something new. The windows rolling up/down was an interesting addition, but I couldn't help but think that this was just a bit of a gimmick. It's certainly true that some people will always play with their windows down, some will play with them up, and that's fine, but rather than making it a real-time game operation, I feel this could have been something set by integers in the options screen, or something added into the F4 menu for adjusting the seat/wheel. The game struggles to bind things as it is, so it's a little overkill to have to bind it to the likes of numpad keys and lose camera switches. I think that some people are rightly annoyed by some lack-luster attention paid during the update; there is an element of "porting" present from ATS over to ETS2, which isn't really what you'd expect from SCS. That said, FMOD is a wildly new concept not only for us, but for SCS too, so given all the work they've done for years, I think we can allow them this little experimental phase. As has been said already, this is an ongoing project and I don't think we're at the final article yet. One big issue of course is how the workshop mods will find themselves suddenly incompatible with the windows palava. I'm sure updates will be made for this, but not all truly amazing models will follow this update and that's a bit of a shame. Overall then, a well and truly mixed bag for this particular launch, but we'll see how it plays out over the coming weeks and months.
  12. I've always found ETS2/ATS, OMSI2 or any other simulators in the same vein to be somewhat therapeutic in nature. It's not filled with action and panic and madness that you typically find in most other games; even racing games have an element of that. These simulations however are much more relaxed and offer a much calmer way to unwind.
  13. I currently have just the Xbox One controller, which is ok, but I'm really looking forward to getting myself a Logitech G920 steering wheel, a shifter, and a 18 speed shifter knob to go with it. Auto transmission and limited steering control is becoming a bore for me. I am by no means a wheel expert, but from what I gather having looked around, the G29/G920 is about right for a cheaper solution if you're primarily using it for trucking.
  14. A fantastic cause. Unfortunately I cannot say whether or not I'd be able to attend more than 7 months in advance of the event, but if I can, I'll most certainly be there. The very best of luck.
  15. Following on from what @TR06ANKA58, @Rudewolf and @Maslakovsky said, the unsupported version is a major reason for the depleted numbers within the server. I for one am among those avoiding downgrading unless specifically coming in for VTC based things. I'm sure that when the update comes the typical numbers will return.
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