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  1. Take care legend! Thank you for all the memories! ❤️ 

    1. -VOYVODA-


      thank you so much legend ❤️ you are the best

  2. Good evening, 

    Recently started a new journey as a member of Phoenix VTC. Here is an image I had taken since my journey begun.  

    @MrAndyTF @TriggsyTV @chaotic-control

    1. Shadel


      Great Photo :love: ?

  3. Hey guys!! 

    I have recently updated a guide I made some time ago. I hope this helps you sometime in the future! ? 

    https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/100057-how-to-recover-your-profile-after-downgrading/TruckersMP Forum

    Kind regards, 
    TruckersMP Game Moderator & Event Team.

  4. Some great edits by @Malikiu112
    Thanks for the drive! 


  5. Thank you to those who wished! ❤️ ?

  6. A little memory of me and @CookieTho


    Was great fun! 

    Anybody else hyped for #TMP7 ? 

  7. I hope ya'll had fun at the Eggcelent Easter Egg Hunt hosted by TruckersMP yesterday! 

    Here's a picture I got of the hidden Yellow Egg at the event yesterday!


    Please let me know if you guys enjoyed the Hunt too! 

  8. Thank you so much for the drive! Was pretty awesome! 

    @Picky99 @Ali. @Dylan R


  9. A great image that was taken at the Port of Calais, France.


    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Pоyraz


      Awesome square ? :) 

    3. .Tony


      Such a beautiful Scania ?

    4. M1sty _

      M1sty _

      Oh, my friend Tark, this is a very beautiful photo. I think players who see the photo will like it very much!

  10. Had an awesome drive with my good mate @JoxyS  :)


    Hope ya'll are having an awesome day too!  :wub:

  11. A while back I managed to get a picture with @MsMist! Thought I'd share it! :) 


    Have an awesome year TruckersMP Community! ?❤️

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    2. Batusch.


      Very good picture and Scania&MAN

    3. Pоyraz


      Nice picture :) 

    4. Mr.Drexy


      Cool trucks and pic :wub:

  12. James! Big fan!!! :wow:

    1. James


      Big fan too!

  13. Long Time follower! Big time fan! LOL Congratulations! ?

    1. Joschi.


      Thank youuuuuuu ❤️ Big fan pog

  14. Not sure about you guys, but i think this update was much needed and makes things a little easier. 
    Its quite nice and i actually like it! :wub:

    1. FY96


      I agree with you the new theme is really elegant and stylish it has been really an excellent update

    2. AmiriM#4530


      Yes this update was fine but the emoji box still opens slowly ?

    3. GEMINaai_ZA


      I believe that its still work in progress and should be good to go pretty soon @AmiriM#4530

  15. Thank you for the follow! :wub:

  16. Thank you for follow! :wub:

    1. James


      No problem, thank you for the follow too! :wub:

  17. Thank you so much @Winter~ for such kind words. 
    This picture will forever be a memory for me ❤️


  18. Easter Egg Hunt 2020

    Result : 17th Place 



  19. Pries Logistics 

    ets2_20200227_234907_00 (1).png

    1. Agia Varvara

      Agia Varvara

      Such a great shot! Nicely done! ❤️ 

    2. GEMINaai_ZA


      First of many! ? @Agia Varvara

  20. Thanks for the Follow ?

  21. Thanks for the follow ?

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