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  1. I’ve been switching between 1.36 and 1.37 for single player and multiplayer, having separate profiles and a decent internet connection make this quite an easy procedure although I understand this is not possible for all.
  2. I really love the rural French road that runs from Limoges down to just North of Montpellier, there is some beautiful scenery there
  3. I find it hard to choose between Scania, Volvo, Mercedes and DAF, they are all great in my opinion so I have models from all four brands in my regular rotation!
  4. Iveco has to be the least used for me, they just seem very basic and have few customisation options, plus they are amongst the oldest models in the game. It would be nice to see the new Iveco S-Way get added to the game, it might give the brand a bit of a resurgence!
  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. They are nice though
  7. I personally enjoy the interaction aspects of streams the most, chatting with the streamer or people in the chat.
  8. Promods recreation of the UK has to be my favourite place to drive, in particular the road through Hawes as well as all of the beautiful areas in Scotland and Wales, though being from the UK I might be biased! Other than the UK, the favourite place to drive for me has to be the small roads through Iceland.
  9. Interesting and positive changes, hopefully it will work out for the best
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