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  1. Take care bro! I'll miss you ❤️


  2. Take Care!

  3. Take Care Joey 😿

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    Sad to see you leave the team! Take Care!

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  8. Joey is a good guy. Bye ❤️

  9. Sad to see you leave the team! Take Care! ❤️

  10. Too bad to see that you left the team, I wish you all the best and stay healthy! 💛 @Der Joey

  11. I hope to see you on the team again soon. Take care!

  12. Sad to see you leave the team! Take Care! :HaulieLove:

  13. The thing is, where are the conclusions from the previous surveys, e.g. from last year? To date, nothing has been published or talked about, and that's why many find it unnecessary to participate in surveys when in the end many are ignored. (I, for example, would not want to do it then either). I think surveys are such an issue in themselves. There are pros and cons, but then you should also listen to the community.
  14. I think there would be problems if I worded it the way I would have liked...., but fine. So I would be for permanent speed limit of 90 km/h on our server. This game is viewed by many players as if it were Forza or GTA Online. Many of these players think they can ignore the rules because they "don't give a shit" about the traffic rules and in the end it's these people who cry when they get banned. Finally, they try to get their bans lifted with appeals and feedback ticket even though they know very well that it won't do any good. If you want to drive fast, then you should either not play ETS2MP or you simply play Forza, GTA5, etc. I would simply be in favor that we regulate the speed on all servers to a maximum of 90 km/h and on the "Arcade" the speed remains at 150 km/h + no collision. The people who have to decide it in the end probably don't want this because I think they are afraid to lose all the players. I mean what for do we have an extra "Arcade" server with no collision + speed up to well over 150km/h+. That we will raise the servers to +150 km/h again, won't happen believe me. We have seen in the past what can and will happen. What would interest me, though, is what kind of results come out of all these surveys..... The other question is whether or not they are ever published. I think for many of us such results are interesting. But well, we'll see what MP makes of it.
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