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  1. I did read the OP and I know it's a non-collision server, I mean in general. I don't understand the need for the extra speed. You could just TP in single player if you want to go fast lol
  2. Most likely, but it still defeats the point of the game being a SIM rather than racing.
  3. The larger the map gets, the more resources that'll be required (And bandwidth to each player) For AI traffic, it'll be the sync between all the players that'll be the main issue, the more players together in one area would increase the load, spreading it even further (while may reduce players in the same spot) will drain more if a few convoys are going at the same time (in mass numbers)
  4. I haven't read the previous pages but, is it really necessary? It's suppose to be a sim, and the speed we currently get is unrealistic. I think you'd just be ruining the whole point of the game. Faster speeds would make it even harder to control, and you'd spend more time on your side than on your wheels.
  5. If anything like this was to happen, it would be chaos. If you wanted the bans to change, I'd say reduce perm bans to a year. I highly doubt they'd waste a year waiting just to get banned again.
  6. I hope the devs find a way to allow custom voice packs for the navigation. (Or a way to replace the default ones if not) I really don't like those default voice actors, they are too bland for my liking. Give me a nice Yoda or comical voice!
  7. More based on luck with me, Some days never get hit, other days reckless maniacs everywhere (Or hackers) Most of the time, it's just me clipping my rear end on tight turns.
  8. It'll be good for those longer routes, where you sort of zone out and just keep following the road, it'll give you the reminder to take the turning.
  9. It could be changed to a /time command aswell, or atleast toggable. It would make it easier for those not in the UTC timezone to make reports.
  10. 3 Boy, these strange folk we know as staff sure don't give up. We need to get a group together in vc and all post at the same time.
  11. Lock it on my post if you're going to do that! Also, what do we win? PM Me because this is going to be locked ;D
  12. If they allow custom ones, then I will. I tried the beta and The voices are a bit "bland" Need some comical ones!
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