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  1. It's a simulation game, not a racing game. If you want the speed, go play on arcade where you speeding, will not affect other players when you fly through junctions, or cannot control your truck doing high speeds around corners.
  2. Press Tab, right click to get your cursor, then hit the cog. You can set a tag in the options that will display next to your name.
  3. Refresh the 404 page and it will download. Just had a look myself and was able to download it by doing that.
  4. The servers are under heavy load and the website resources are being redirected to the game servers to allow people to connect and play. Try again in a little bit, or wait until the issue is fixed via the announcements / Updates on the site and forum.
  5. Yes, the servers are struggling with the load, no it's not fixed yet. Just be patient and wait it out :)

    1. ar1c1


      Excellent. Thank you. Just making sure it wasn't my machine d:0)

  6. I mained DAF for awhile, however... I switched to Scania last year and haven't gone back since.
  7. Electric vehicles coming soon? Tesla truck train/convoy self driving everywhere. New recharge stations.... Who knows, SCS may go down that path at some point much later on in the future.
  8. From the GM streams, they all use them for different reasons. Some use them as a warning, for example, siren and lights if someone is doing something they're not suppose to be doing, or more as a "Wake up" if someone is maybe not paying attention to what's going on around them.
  9. I'll keep this in mind when I use a longer load than I'm use too. Thanks for posting.
  10. Drop them into the ETS2 mods folder inside documents, rather than the ets2 folder itself.
  11. You don't need to load them, it's handled by the game once you join the promods server. I just noticed the location of your mod folder. Check in documents for an Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. There is a mods folder in there where these should be placed.
  12. Try temporarily removing all your other mods (Stick them in another folder somewhere) Try with just the Promods ones that TMP currently supports: promods-assests promods-def promods-map promods-media promods-model1 promods-model2 promods-model3
  13. That happens due to how fast the game progresses whilst online vs offline. Make sure to start them whilst your online if you intend to finish them online, and vise versa.
  14. Nope, accidents happen. Most of the time you'll get a "Sorry," sometimes they don't. As long as they make an attempt not to hit me, or it happens in traffic, I ignore it.
  15. I'd suggest, unplugging your controllers and resetting the controls to default, make sure its working with KB/Mouse, then try resetting up your controllers.
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