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  1. ETS 28 ATS 5 each truck with différent configuration
  2. truckersmp is dying if you look at the statistics of the past years, since the arrival of the official multiplayer SCS truckersmp does not even reach the full server even in the evening and even when truckersmp was at the last official update, the server was more populated than today, I also notice the steam statistics which show that the number of players playing at ets2 has not weakened and therefore who play more in single player mode or convoy scs. Today a simulation server struggles to reach 2000 simultaneous players and, speed limits have been established to force the simulation, truckersmp is updated almost immediately after the official release, passenger vehicles are added for more fun. ..in spite of all this truckersmp is dying
  3. this road is very dangerous because of the trolls, but there are also very good drivers who just want to drive with a lot of people while respecting the other players, personally i have more problem with the trolls outside c-d rather than inside especially thanks to the moderator who frequents this road a lot
  4. true before it was much easier to overtake a person traveling at 60 km / h is much easier to overtake when the person passing them has a higher speed, for example 150 km / h instead of 110 km / h. I see a lot of accidents because of this but also because of people driving at a very low speed like 60km / h so as to intentionally create a crowd behind.
  5. I use the instant replay of geforce experience I set it so that it only records 1 minute in the past so as not to saturate my storage space when something happens, I press the command to record and it will have recorded only 1 minute so as not to record the entire game session
  6. No No I respect my own limit just so as not to cause an accident
  7. personally I preferred this design
  8. I frequently drive this one in multiplayer because I like the performance and the style the interior is not modified 750hp Scania GA867 R
  9. I like to listen to the music of the 90s which I heard a lot in my childhood.
  10. a new road will be very popular in the map, it will just move the problem so it's useless before the C-D road there was rotterdam at the port
  11. I drive at 110km / h it hardly makes any jerk I do not understand why people brake when they see these speed bumps I have even seen some driving at 20km / h on these things yes they must be deleted
  12. it is part of the reality of the dangers of the road these for this reason that the road is popular if you want to remove the slightest danger completely remove the road and build a straight highway I like this road and the dangers that go with it ...
  13. even if this is a good idea I think that making the traffic more fluid here will make the traffic more complicated elsewhere
  14. I don't really have that impression I have done many convoys with other countries. but maybe you were unlucky personally, i haven't noticed because i prefer to be in a vtc from my country and that's probably the preference of most players
  15. I activated the AI x3 to make it more dense in single player mode and I realize that I freeze a lot more in single player mode than in multiplayer mode since there is no traffic in multiplayer mode. I5 6600K GTX 1070 16GB RAM
  16. me when I write rec ban in the chat I do it in the website and it's not a joke
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