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  1. I'm a huge fan of classic rock, progressive rock to be more specific. I would say my all time favorite song has to be Comfortably Numb from Pink Floyd's 1979 album: The Wall. The live versions from P.U.L.S.E and Delicate Sound of Thunder are simply the best versions of the song, especially the guitar solo. I will literally will go crazy if my favorite song is played over the FM radio or even on TruckersFM. BTW, @[KızılTürk] Jaygoll You must be a Naruto fan like me. Gotta like the statue of Obito/Tobi near your cologne.
  2. A well deserved promotion. Congrats! 🙌🎉

  3. Congrats on that promotion 🎉

    1. AlfieGMTV


      Thank you :HaulieLove:

  4. Congratulations SvartWolf! 🙌💯🎉

  5. Londontown was my first city when I first played ETS back in 2015 or 2014. God, I can remember getting the non-steam version of ETS like it was yesterday.
  6. Scania truck cuz it's fast and powerful. Perhaps the most overrated truck in ETS...
  7. Primarily on Simulation 1 when I host my private events at Viva. On my free time, ProMods server.
  8. I like my GTA 5 and Flight Simulator stuff. If I'm not playing those games, then it's event staff duties at Viva Trucking.
  9. Sasuke Uchiha is doing well. What about you?
  10. Here's uncle Sasuke's godly background
  11. Big anime fan here! Favorite anime is Naruto.
  12. List your favorite guitar solos of all time. 10 of mines are: Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin Sorrow - Pink Floyd High Hopes - Pink Floyd On The Turning Away - Pink Floyd Eruption - Van Halen Layla - Eric Clapton Fade To Black - Metallica Near The End - David Gilmour One - Metallica Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider November Rain - Guns N' Roses Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd Black - Pearl Jam Reach Down - Temple Of The Dog
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