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  1. Mercedes For Life, but visually scania wins every day, all day.
  2. in my opinion they should keep that server and allow anyone to join(even the ones that are banned from TMP), that way the players that dont like the rules can still play and dont care about anything, and the ones that got banned can still play TMP but only on the server with no rules and wait until they get unbaned, unless they are permanently banned, then i guess they stay in that server forever
  3. exactly 0 times, i watch my speed on small and difficult roads, and avoid high populated areas, unless thats where i am bringing the cargo, but even then i try my best to get from point A to point B with 0 damage.
  4. CoNnEcT955

    The car problems

    skoda is pretty much a car that doesnt weight couple of tons, and has pretty much same mechanics like a truck has, including the slow steering wheel.
  5. some luxury german(mercedes, bmw, audi) would not be bad in my opinion.
  6. looks very good and very detailed.
  7. so far scandinavia and part of france
  8. ill just say that i am not disappointed with DAF DLC.
  9. we dont need wildlife in game, its already to dangerous with aggressive players and rule breakers.
  10. it sounds like fun more dlcs means more money for devs and more new content for us players, i guess you could call that a win win situation.
  11. Duisburg and Calais is the worst, i know some people like chaos and others are there to make videos, but i personally try to avoid those high populated areas, unless you searching for trouble.
  12. more of the Balkan and Greece, they are already pushing down south, so will see what future updates will bring us.
  13. well thats a very hard question because everyone has their own color they like and their own opinion, but my favorite is orange or orange+black. good luck and hope you find something you gonna like
  14. well they pushed down south, so its high chance of more EX-YU(Balkan) getting unlocked and maybe even greece.
  15. i am one of those persons that dont really care where i am, as long i am on the road but i gotta say france and scandinavia are really nice this time of season
  16. well like many here, i stop only at red lights at high populated areas and cities, because if you run a red light in popular area and someone hits you, especially if it was green for him, you are at fault and if he decides to report you thru a forum, you are toast
  17. CoNnEcT955

    Truck or car?

    to me its my lovely truck mercedes but if they add a mercedes car, i think you can guess the answer on that
  18. there were other truck games, but not many sims, and to be honest i liked ETS2, played it for about a month, but then got bored, i am a kind of person that likes to play with other people, even if its just seeing them on the road, and then i found out about ETS2MP(now known as TruckerMP) and here i am
  19. @dragonslayingmaster1000 well like you said, most of them will be from europe, but its interesting to know how many other actually play ETS2 but also to find out if its really common to overtake someone, cause them to crash and then blame the ping
  20. all depends, if its a straight road and no incoming traffic or any sort of danger for anyone on the road, then i keep the same speed(but i do not go faster at any point), but if he is reckless enough to go overtake me on a two way road with opposite traffic and all of the sudden a truck is incoming from opposite side, then i slow down. one other time when i always slow down is at turns when someone is overtaking me(no matter highway or small roads), reason behind it is, sometimes we are both going faster and need more space to make the turn, but other times and most common is when he doesnt have enough room to make the turn safely because of the speed he is going and at the same time is overtaking me, then he loses control and many times crashes into you(sadly happened many times), so those are the 2 times i always slow down.
  21. CoNnEcT955


    i have nvidia shadowplay and when something happens i click the button to save the last 5-10 minutes or more, depends on a game i play at the time.
  22. in reality you could drive on whatever lane you want, people try to roleplay and act like there is traffic and because of that most people are keeping to the right lane(in UK left side), and let other drivers overtake on your left, but as long you or the driver that is passing you doesnt effect the gameplay, there will be no punishments for either parties. same case with red lights, its not against the rules(at least it wasnt few months ago) to go thru red lights, but if you go thru a red light and you cause an accident or because of your action an accident occurred, then youll most likely get punished.
  23. Scania or Volvo for sure, but me personale i dont care anymore about speed because they are all similar, i keep driving my mercedes cause it has speed and it looks nice, at least to me hehe
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