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  1. Hello fellow truckers, I've recently discovered the Kenworth K100E mod for ATS by Overfloater in the Steam Workshop, and I'd like to know if you've tried it and what you think about it. All screenshots by Overfloater.
  2. Hey I Shadel Buses coming soon at Truckersmp Now we will continue the game with a big truck, small cars and a bus. We will see if there is a problem that the buses will cause on the servers, or do we see only buses on the roads, not trucks. How often do players use the bus? Questions like whether it will get a lot of likes come to our minds. so what do you think? Kind Regards Shadel TruckersMP Veteran Driver I
  3. Suggestion Name: Support for Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod Suggestion Description: Add support for Project NG Mod and make users able to (optional) download and use it while playing TMP Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think this mod could be useful for users that want a more realistic game, also it doesn't have any impact on game's performance, and it only changes your textures.
  4. Merhabalar.Bu paylaşmış olduğum konu single player oynayan ve skin(kaplama) yapmaktan hoşlanan arkadaşlar için yararlı bir konu. Şablonun resmi: Not: Lütfen resim'e sağ tıklayıp indir yapmayın.Şablonun boyutu büyük olduğu için görüntü kalitesi kötü bir resim koymak zorunda kaldım.Anlayışınız için teşekkürler. Skin kaplama yapmayı bilmeyen ve yapmak isteyen arkadaşlar buradaki video'yu izleyerek yapabilirler. Şablonu indir
  5. Balkan Radio MOD Predstavljam Vam novi update moga moda za Radio postaje! Najbolji do sada!!!!! Mod je još uvijek u fazi testiranja tako da je moguće da neke postaje ne rade Datum moda: 24.07.2022 Verzija moda: v0.1.3 Izmjene: Obrisane neke radio postaje! Napomena: Neke radio postaje NE RADE zbog drugog formata strima SCS bi trebao ponovno napraviti zakrpu za radio u kojem podržava AAC formate strimova Radio poput ExtraFM,Kiss, Otvoreni i mnogi drugi su se prebacili na AAC sto je trenutne strimove MP3 M3u strimove ugasili.. Trenutno testiram izmjene u ETS2 dekodiram radio kako bi mogli slusati AAC radio postaje dok SCS ne izbaci neke zakrpe Sljedeći update očekujte uskoro! Radio postaje dodane su po slušanosti! Ako želite da dodam neku postaju molim da napišete ispod u sekciji komentara. Nadam se da će vam se svidjeti mod te da vam se sviđa moj rad! HVALA! PREUZMI Instalacija moda Preuzmite mod klikom na preuzmi gore iznad! Kopirajte mod kada se preuzme Zatim idete na C:\Users\%VašeimePC-a%\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Kada uđete na odredište mape zaljepite mod CRTL+V ili Desni klik miša/zaljepi I to je to, Uđite normalno u igru te kliknite na radio, ako Vam ne pokaže ništa morate kliknuti na Internetski radio
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901561342&searchtext=money
  7. I have been wondering if it was possible to use SiSl's mod in TruckersMP. I have tried adding it to the ETS2MP mod folder where you can also add the popular winter mod, and it failed! I am doing it because its free instead of the cabin accessories DLC. I could not find any tutorials online that had any simularity of the topic. Does anyone of you have any clues? Please reply Magentilized
  8. Hello everyone, in this Video, I showed how you can easily install the Winter MOD for TruckersMP. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ual8S_ghiIM Easy to Install Exact steps how to do Optimal Video speed 0.5 NOTE: The Versions showed in the Video, are not the same as this Year will be or in next Years but the method how to Install is and will be the same, every time TruckersMP support a new Season MOD. I recommend you to read the Biography too, if you don't have the "mod" Folder in the "ETS2MP" Folder. I hope I could help everyone of you who have issues how to Install Season MODs. King Regards, Doñ Cheeki
  9. Suggestion: Other maps on the server, today we know that there are several maps for ETS2 created by extremely creative people and who did a great job with these mods, from modelers from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and so on. I think it's a good idea to expand the limits than just having a mod just for the TruckersMP server, I think it would get more interesting and more willing to play the server no matter how heavy or not.
  10. Good morning / night! I wonder if the 1.39 winter mod is compatible with the 1.40? I don't want to test to avoid failing my game, and I preferred to come here straight to get a clearer answer. Thank you very much in advance!
  11. Hey guys, brand new driver here. I just downloaded ATS around a week ago and only have about 30 hrs (probably only around ~18-20 of actual driving) in the game. I really want to try to play multiplayer, but as I have only ever played on 1.40, I am pretty clueless on how downgrading your game will work on this game in particular, as downgrading game versions on other modded games I have played can REALLY cause some serious, and sometimes even permanent damage. So I was just wondering how, if it all, it will affect my singleplayer progression and mods installed. I will list the few mods I have installed down below, just in case it can provide useful information in to how downgrading will affect my setup in particular. Listed in order of priority: Real Companies, Shops, & Billboards (1.40), Viper2's Peterbilt Modified v2.3 (1.39/beta 1.40), Scania Trucks for ATS, Air Brake Sound Mod (1.40), Cummins N14 Sound/Engine Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and FMod's Cummins N14 Lope Tune Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and Unlimited Money + XP Mod for ATS (inactive currently, but works in 1.40) Sorry for the info dump, but I am pretty excited to play MP, however to me it is not worth corrupting all of my files and mods and having to start all over when I could just be patient and wait for the TruckersMP team to release the 1.40 update. Thank you for any and all help you can give, this seems like an amazing community, and I am excited to be a part of it. :)
  12. Arkadaşlar, sorum çok basit. ETS2 MP uyumlu modlar mevcut mu? Eğer mevcut ise nereden ulaşabilirim. Nasıl yapabilirim? Teşekkürler.
  13. I would like to ask if it goes to ets2 mp to give a mod to change the voice in the navigation?
  14. Hallo, Bevor das Thama direkt gelöscht wird, bitte ich vorerst, mich darauf hinzuweisen, ob dieses Thema in einer anderen Section geschrieben werden muss. Nun zum Thema. Ich leite seit 2 jahren eine Virtuelle Spedition. Und hab meiner Spedition einen Trailermod erstellt. Leider geht dieser Mod nicht in TruckersMP. Gibt es einen Modder, der diesen Mod vielleicht TruckersMP Fähig bekommen könnte? Liebe Grüße
  15. Hola, he visto que muchas vtc usan skins personales porque incluso en sus cajas llevan su propio logo, me gustaría aprender y saber como lo hacen porque, trate de meter un skin mod para los camiones de la base scs y pues no ha funcionado, me gustaría saberlo ya que así podríamos abrir algo bastante grande a toda la comunidad, y si no es posible aun, me gustaría recomendarles que no seria mala idea que crearan un motor para el uso de las skin mod locales uwu, Buen dia
  16. Guest

    Interior Mod

    Is there any way to turn on Steam Workshop Mods into TruckersMP? Example : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2076767939
  17. Hi, ich habe eine Frage/Vorschlag Und zwar geht es um folgendes: Die NaviStimme vom Spiel Intern gefällt mir nicht! Deswegen will ich eine Mod installieren, mit der ich andere Stimmen hinzufügen kann. Jetzt meine Frage: Funktionieren diese Mods in TruckersMP? Bzw. mein Vorschlag: Können diese Art von Mods in TruckersMP erlaubt werden, sodass man sie nutzen kann. Ich freue mich auf Antworten Mit freundlichen Grüßen ~Jonas
  18. Slt après avoir installé mon mod (peinture) en solo, avoir fais une sauvegarde etc... quand je lance le multijoueur la remorque qui était avec le skin devient blanche. si quelqun pourrait m’expliquer précisément comment on fait pour avoir le skin sur TruckersMP ou juste m’envoyer le lien d’une vidéo ytb qui montre comment faire svp. merci d’avance aux admins de laisser mon message jusqu’à avoir une réponse claire svp.
  19. My problem is simple. I can play with any problem singleplayer with promods activated, but when i go to play online, appear a "One or more required promods file is not found" message and I cant. I have the ETS2 document folder move from C to D, if this can be the problem (also, i have in ets2 launch parameters -homedir and the new directory)
  20. Suggestion Name: Allow a small mod to be active in multiplayer that fixes GPS color issues for those who are color blind. Suggestion Description: I made a support ticket at TruckersMP's Help Desk about the topic, but was redirected here to the forums (see images below). The mod changes only the colors on the installer's GPS/Map/Route from the normal colors (green arrow on top of red route on top of yellow explored road) to colors that are better visioned for someone, such as myself, who have what some call "warm color blindness." Here is a link to the Steam Community Discussion (mod link included within): http://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/0/358415206085085581/ Any example images: A few photos I took in single player, plus my reply from TruckersMP Support : http://imgur.com/a/ovSKu Why should it be added?: This simple mod allows me, and will allow others with similar color blind issues, to stay immersed in the game. In other words, I won't be constantly stopping to hit "M" or hit F3 and F5 a bunch of times to bring up my GPS (the one not on my truck's dashboard) to try and see if I know where the heck I'm going when I have a turn, bend, or lane change. I think I described it pretty well in my support ticket, last image of the album. Also note, in the picture of the map (in the album) the red roads indicate roads that have NOT been discovered yet, just in case anyone was wondering. I'm asking if the mod could be analyzed, scanned, or whatever needs to be done to allow the mod to be active when I or others play. If not, could someone provide an alternative mod or fix that I don't know about? Thanks for your time, much appreciated. EDIT: Note, I am NOT the mod creator.
  21. As I understood from the updated rules, triple trailers are now allowed. However, I did not manage to find any mod/tutorial to install triple trailers. How to do it? Somebody suggested this before, but it's not available for me. How to use triple trailers? Thx in advance
  22. Suggestion Name: Engine Sound Mods Inside the TruckersMP Suggestion Description: Putting sound mods into the game, I would find it very interesting if you could partner with some mod creator, like Kapitan Kriechbaum who makes excellent mods. I do not like the original sounds of ets2 because the trucks are very quiet, it is very annoying, "yes I understand that in real life they are like that." and it seems that they take the bass out of the engines a lot, before the new update I really liked the sound of the Renault Premium because it had a good bass in the average rotation but unfortunately spoiled it with this new update. And with this list you would have the options for those who like the original sounds and the modified sounds. Any example images: Why should it be added?: So it would have more varieties of sounds and it would be very good to travel listening to the noise of the modified engine and it would not have that problem of other people not hearing its sound because it was already inside TruckersMP. Sorry for my English, I used google translator.
  23. Hallo liebe Community, Ich habe da ein Problem. Ich habe heute gegen 21:00 ein bisschen Online gespielt. Gerade mal 15 Minuten. Danach habe ich ausgemacht und ja wollte eben gerade wieder spielen. Auf einmal ich gucke ich habe einen Permanent Ban bekommen um 21.50. Doch ich habe nichtmal irgendwie komisch gefahren. Das einzige war das jemand vor mir in Duisbrug so hart gehangen hat das ich ihn überholt habe. Dazu kommt noch dass ich schonmal gebannt war weil einer meiner Söhne in dem Spiel scheisse gebaut hat. Seit dem habe ich ihnen Verboten dieses Spiel zu spielen und ich bin der einzige der darauf Zugriff hat. Zudem habe ich mich informiert dass man mehrere Bann bekommen muss um so ein Bann zu bekommen. Ich würde mich um hilfe freuen weil das meine einzige Beschäftigung ist neben meiner Arbeit. Ich finde es echt rücksichtslos wie die TruckerMp Admins mit einem Umgehen, obwohl man nichts gemacht hat. Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Abend und freue mich um hilfe
  24. Servus Moin Hab mal ne Frage und zwar wie kann ich in ETS2MP 3 Anhänger haben. Seit dem letzten Regel Update ist es ja erlaubt mit 3 Anhängern zu fahren aber ich weiß nicht wie ich mir 3 Hänger bauen kann. Ich kann leider nur 2 aneinander hängen. Und dann hätte ich noch eine Frage und zwar welche Mods sind denn eigentlich alle in ETS2MP erlaubt? gibts da ne aktuelle Stellungnahme zu?
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