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  1. Thank you so much for your input. Creating a new profile is fine for me, I just didn't want to corrupt anything I have in the 1.40 version. I am going to try to downgrade so I can play MP, as my tiny little brain had the great idea of creating a backup save file for my 1.40 progress just in case anything gets messed up. After playing with mods for going on a decade, it is baffling to me that it took me this long to come up with that idea. But thank you once again for your input, and I am going to launch 1.39 in singleplayer first, so I can disable any mods so I dont immediately get banned/kick
  2. Hey guys, brand new driver here. I just downloaded ATS around a week ago and only have about 30 hrs (probably only around ~18-20 of actual driving) in the game. I really want to try to play multiplayer, but as I have only ever played on 1.40, I am pretty clueless on how downgrading your game will work on this game in particular, as downgrading game versions on other modded games I have played can REALLY cause some serious, and sometimes even permanent damage. So I was just wondering how, if it all, it will affect my singleplayer progression and mods installed. I will list the few mods I have i
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