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  1. Thank you so much for your input. Creating a new profile is fine for me, I just didn't want to corrupt anything I have in the 1.40 version. I am going to try to downgrade so I can play MP, as my tiny little brain had the great idea of creating a backup save file for my 1.40 progress just in case anything gets messed up. After playing with mods for going on a decade, it is baffling to me that it took me this long to come up with that idea. But thank you once again for your input, and I am going to launch 1.39 in singleplayer first, so I can disable any mods so I dont immediately get banned/kicked before I even start playing. Thanks again, and you might get another reply if I screw anything up too bad!
  2. Hey guys, brand new driver here. I just downloaded ATS around a week ago and only have about 30 hrs (probably only around ~18-20 of actual driving) in the game. I really want to try to play multiplayer, but as I have only ever played on 1.40, I am pretty clueless on how downgrading your game will work on this game in particular, as downgrading game versions on other modded games I have played can REALLY cause some serious, and sometimes even permanent damage. So I was just wondering how, if it all, it will affect my singleplayer progression and mods installed. I will list the few mods I have installed down below, just in case it can provide useful information in to how downgrading will affect my setup in particular. Listed in order of priority: Real Companies, Shops, & Billboards (1.40), Viper2's Peterbilt Modified v2.3 (1.39/beta 1.40), Scania Trucks for ATS, Air Brake Sound Mod (1.40), Cummins N14 Sound/Engine Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and FMod's Cummins N14 Lope Tune Pack (1.39, works in 1.40), and Unlimited Money + XP Mod for ATS (inactive currently, but works in 1.40) Sorry for the info dump, but I am pretty excited to play MP, however to me it is not worth corrupting all of my files and mods and having to start all over when I could just be patient and wait for the TruckersMP team to release the 1.40 update. Thank you for any and all help you can give, this seems like an amazing community, and I am excited to be a part of it. :)
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