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  1. @vldv44_, thanks for reminding! Also thanks to @AllstarDK for submitting the time when it will get updated! Have a nice ride, Magentilized
  2. So I was playing ETS2MP for about more than a month now and since I accidentally booted up singleplayer mode, it automatically it updated to the very newest version of the game. Now, like said on the title, I do not know how to downgrade the game still by staying above version 1.41.0 / 1.40 . I thought to myself, I should rather just completely, yes completely reinstall the game, but I wasn't very sure if it will help. Also, what does the "s" even stand for (At the expected version shown on Image) Is it a good idea to reinstall the game? Should I change something in the games code? Tips and Ideas will be great! Thanks to anyone that will help Magentilized
  3. Great! Now all my Problems have been solved! Thanks so much everyone!
  4. @Stubborn__ Thanks! This Tip helped! Another Question: Do you also need your "Two-factor Authentication" enabled? KR, Magentilized
  5. @General18 Thank's so much for the Tip! Sadly it didn't work. KR, Magentilized
  6. Since with the help from others, I have done this activation thing. But as I tried to launch the game, this happend: "(X) The execution of the code cannot continue because fmod. dll, steam_api64.dll and fmodstudio.dll is not found. By reinstalling the program may be able to fix the problem." Then I have installed the required files and added it to the game's properties... But it still didn't work! So I reinstalled it, but the same occured. Is there something I have to unpack etc.? Tips would be great! Magentilized
  7. Is there a way to not share personal data? KR, Magentilized
  8. Any Idea what can go in the Descrption?
  9. @maksch LAST QUESTON Sorry that i'm being kind of annoying but what is thier eMail. I dont find anything in my inbox and spam folder (BTW i'm using gmail). JUST FOR THE EXTENDED SEARCH
  10. @maksch That means its best to use gmail, right? Thanks of the Tip!
  11. @Nody I have started ETS2 in 2018 and I ReInstalled It on Steam. So I played about 5-6 hours with the Steam Version Also if I activate my account, I wont get any eMail. Guess I have to use gmail (idea by @maksch)
  12. I really just want to play TruckersMP, I have created an Account, set everything to public, etc... . But what annoyed me was at the Login in the Game (basically I can login to the website, but not in the game). I have tried everything I could from other users like delete the "bin" folder and stuff like that. Also, the eMail from my Steam account was changed after I created the TruckersMP account (I reset It) I also heard that the activation eMail is not needed. Should I give it a go? Fact: If I trie I dont get an eMail. Not even in my "Junk/Spam" folder. I even double checked my eMail! Should I also enable this "Two-factor Authentication" ? Sorry for posting this in 2021 Help and Tips would be Perfect! Thanks for those that will give me some.
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