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  1. how many cores does your cpu have because it sounds like your other cpu cores are parked meaning windows has deactivated them and this what i mean by modifying the ets2 config.cfg file you need to change the uset r_multimon_mode to 2 like i have it
  2. Stavrostmast do you have nvidia surround view enabled and have ets2 configured to display the image across all 3 screens because i also use 3 screens to play ats and ets2 and i have multi-monitor mode enabled in the ets2 and ats config.cfg
  3. The way the server is set up is that if you haven't moved your truck in 15 minutes you get will get a AFK kick even if your buying a customized truck and I would suggest buying customized truck in SP if you know it will take you longer than 15 to customize your truck and as for why your game saved crashes due to mods i have no clue.
  4. @Homem(BR) you do realize that this is a bot account not an actual human
  5. When ever you accept a delivery on MP the job delivery time is still running even after you log out so it wise to choose short deliveries if you don't have much to play on MP because time never stops on MP.
  6. @Kravaty #makenubsgreatagain

  7. @bakar99 Can you go to http://www.speedtest.net and do a speed test and tell us what the results are?
  8. my old setup
  9. videogamer


    how many drivers and trucks do you have?
  10. Did you download the official launcher and this launcher?
  11. You can't use the trailer due to the Schwarzmüller trailer DLC having a longer collision zone than the default trailers.
  12. Are you using any single player mods because one of your mods might be broken due to the latest game update.
  13. @MatsFox i'd hate to tell you but they are sold out
  14. Time to continue building my moon base on Osiris: New Dawn

    1. Half Blood Prince

      Half Blood Prince

      I had 10 fps on lowest graphics settings.

  15. ^ Cabin lights are a 3rd party mod and won't be added but if you want you could always suggest it here for ATS http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=185 or here for ets2 http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5.
  16. videogamer


    Yes Rotterdam is also known as laggerdam.
  17. ETS2 EU2 will be moved to new host in at the top of the hour (22 Minutes)

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    2. SUBARU DF


      I just was thinking that the MP would update

    3. videogamer


      MP will update when MW4L is ready

    4. SUBARU DF
  18. gopro footage from when I went to a go kart place


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