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  1. The issue is back.... Maybe its the new update. The oc is reduced... now it just freezes but i can hear the game continuing .... i can alt tab normally...
  2. This issue happens to a friend of mine too. Its an i5-4460 (4 core) The 3 ones are used like 15-20% and 1 core 100% when there are too many trucks
  3. Yeah ^ but not prob with that i can live without it Do you know any fix about the issue that when there are a lot of trucks one cpu core is maxed out so you get gpu bottleneck?
  4. Τελικά το παθαίνει οταν διαλέγω ενα φορτηγό οπότε ειναι οκ μεχρι στιγμής
  5. Τώρα που νόμιζα οτι έφτιαξε εβγαλε fatal error μεσα στο company manager..
  6. I just have nvidia surround enabled in the control panel and 5760x1080 selected in ets2 Είχα κάνει oc στα 2012-2025mhz και το κατεβασα 2000mhz. Προσωρινά έχει φτιάξει. Θα δω και σε βάθος χρόνου Προσωρινά ναι
  7. Δοκίμασα να κάνω downclock την κάρτα και μέχρι στιγμής δεν έχει κανα θέμα... Αν ξαναβγάλει κάτι θα ενημερώσω
  8. Retried now... Freeze and driver crash. I probably rammed a guy too without wanting too
  9. I play other various games too... idk where to find the specific log file. Today it just freezed without driver crash but i could alt tab easily. I used DDU and reinstalled all the drivers It doesnt happen in any other game
  10. Blackmyst.. I just check for drivers updates in every like 2 weeks or so.. I dont want nvidia expereince it takes resources and you have higher pc boot up time. Another issue that i notice with other friends too is that i drop to too low fps cause 1 core is maxed out.... i5-4460
  11. Also i was on ets2mp right now on the hard route from calais to duisburg.... and while driving there the driver crashed so the throttle was stuck for a bit and i crashed someone for not wanting to.... I could hear it but not play gg
  12. Hi... I have windows 8.1 ,,,, Another error which happend to me again is in radmom moments crashing due to fatal error..
  13. Hello,... My issue is that many times ets2mp crashes after driving for sometime or sometimes it happens quickly... The game acts like it alt-tabs alone and the nvidia driver crash pops up but if i alt tab i can still control the truck and hear the radio but it will be a blaack screen.. Temps are fine and cool GTX 1070/i5-4460/16GB Ram Latest Nvidia drivers Thanks for any help
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