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  1. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Patch version: Controllers Used: KB/Mouse Description of Issue: Trailers loading on top of one another at customers, causing damage to load/truck. How to reproduce: pick a load in external contracts Screenshots / Videos: screenshot This has happened on several occasions across the 4 states. I tried to pull this load out (Holbrook Rail Yard) , but the doubles wouldn't come off the trailer.
  2. I was buying trucks in the Dealer in Bakersfield, and the server kicked me for being AFK. I was active and not away from keyboard. I logged out and when I start MP again the game freezes at the loading screen. When I start again it says the game crashed due to mods. I don't have any mods on this profile, as no mods work in MP that I like. I clicked on the submit changes button, dunno why this was clickable as there was never any mods associated with this profile. I have tried several times to get back in,each time the game crashes (freezes at loading screen) for MODS. Is there anyway to fix this without starting over?
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