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  1. Yeah I got towed after being thrown for miles. My daughter had a really good laugh when it happened. I was under an external contract and it took the load when I showed up after force closing. More than likely the case. As I wasn't the only one in my VTC who has this issue. There were black covered pups where oversize trailers should be. But as with any update, there is always a few bugs. Hopefully they will iron these out pretty quick.
  2. ATS is updated to current version thru steam, and TMP is updated to v1.36.1.15s. I don't know if this has happened to anyone yet, but tried to pick up a cable reel oversize load in San Rafael at the roadside Bitumen site. As you can see from the pics that the cables stretched, the RGN stayed put and the lead jeep stayed attached to the truck. I decided to drop the trailer, and was shot across the map like from a slingshot receiving 100% damage. I then was reset with a failed sync, putting my load inside my cab. Does anyone have a solution for this, or is it just an isolated incident which even a restart didn't fix. And yes all my drivers and NVIDIA are updated to the latest.
  3. Game: American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Version Patch version: Controllers Used: KB/Mouse Description of Issue: Trailers loading on top of one another at customers, causing damage to load/truck. How to reproduce: pick a load in external contracts Screenshots / Videos: screenshot This has happened on several occasions across the 4 states. I tried to pull this load out (Holbrook Rail Yard) , but the doubles wouldn't come off the trailer.
  4. I was buying trucks in the Dealer in Bakersfield, and the server kicked me for being AFK. I was active and not away from keyboard. I logged out and when I start MP again the game freezes at the loading screen. When I start again it says the game crashed due to mods. I don't have any mods on this profile, as no mods work in MP that I like. I clicked on the submit changes button, dunno why this was clickable as there was never any mods associated with this profile. I have tried several times to get back in,each time the game crashes (freezes at loading screen) for MODS. Is there anyway to fix this without starting over?
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