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    on sp everytihng works normal but when i start mp on there works noting ecxept when in drive by myself to the mod shop but wat doesn't work is -f7 -ferryboat, train -job marktet -fast travel to a shop Log file http://pastebin.com/UB1mpuck i did severall times Open Steam/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Properies/Local Files/Verify Integrity Of Game Files an then installed etsmp again and now everything works out of nowwhere
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    pc spec SSD 320GB asus a88x Gamer Motherboard amd a-10 6800 processor 16GB ram ddr3 Graphics AMD Radeon r9 380 Nitro game.log.txt
  3. jef_230895


    i am the only dirver and have 2 trucks
  4. jef_230895


    already did that and looked lika a half hour to a black screen when i took the boat or train
  5. jef_230895


    when i play like 2 hours on sp and then switch to mp i can't use any boats,trains en f7 for the mod shop any more and then when i switch back to sp my game freezes like 2 seconds before i start the truck any solutions already tried -re instal sp+mp -created new profile
  6. i had the Same problem but re installed the game as mp and created a new profile but it dind't work what can i else do?
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