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  1. Happy Birthday :rolleyes:

    1. blakeisagamer12


      :) Thanks bud sorry for two months delay don't play this as much, getting back into it now due to bought a gaming pc!

  2. Hello. I see you're having this issue and i'm here to tell you i'm experiencing the same issue. I'm not clarified to say it is totally a bug but lately in my own mind it is. I was researching multiple post about your issue as well as multi post. It's come to the point were i'm just hoping something fixes this. That's really all I can say about it at this current moment in time so sorry that I was not able to help but I hope we can get this issue resolved.
  3. it can't be the fix as it is complety freezes mouse my game is frozen it ant change
  4. So my games been having massive issues like freezing while sleeping or fast traveling. Game is running slower. Everything is super buggy. IDK what to do, and when i go sp it's fine???
  5. Hi everyone my name is Blake Bailey but on YouTube it is Flames Driving. We are currently hosting in are Virtual Trucking Company as Transpoort Gaming a application form for a new ETS2 series we are doing. So let me explain what you are getting into? We are making a show based in ETS2 as a mental truck driver but it's a version type mix like GTA gameplay. We are looking for people to help out making a trailer so we need actors,Media Team Members,Caution Team,Narrator,Voice Actors,Script writer's. If you meet any of those mentioned than make sure you sign up with this link [link]https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSciqFtBIuykqave8aHHyHdXCIqwwa7T5koBG5dSBBLmKLdMHw/viewform#response=ACYDBNi595JgbVSr29u9t13v5i-JkT6xCv4H4AxPSneMwFNfSvl6tvSFm9FMSA[/link] Feel free to try out and if your asking about payment that will be discussed in a later date meeting. Thanks for your cooperation and I hope to see you guys try out 

    Flames Driving
    VTC,Transpoort Gaming

    1. Syntog


      You already made a topic about this, please stop spamming the forum. 



  6. Nope i wait like forever and usually its instant for me
  7. its nothing to do with that its started happening ever since i applied developer mode and reinstalled my game to remove it and nothing now works even reionstalled truckersmp
  8. I do and it just stays like that and than frezzes my monitor even out of my game
  9. So when i go to fast travel,go to fix my truck it just freezes my game??
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