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  1. It look cool i'll try it, i'll post some screens!! What do you think about that:
  2. Azrod245

    No fps

    My spec: GPU: GTX 760 CPU AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE 2x 500GO 1x 8GO 1333Mhz RAM ps: i've tried to lower my graphisms but nothing changed and overclock GPU and CPU too
  3. Azrod245

    No fps

    Hello! i have a question, in the game i have low fps (~15) but my GPU and my CPU are only at 50% if someone have sthe solution it will be nice!
  4. Just for that?? it change nothing!!
  5. Why i can't use it?? There is High Power cargo and i can use without kick
  6. Hello recently i was kick because nettrailer or netrailer i don't remember exactly but i want to know what is it thanks and sorry for bad english
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