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  1. They made that because in single player highway has more cars compared to the country road. If you leave the traffic desinty at it's stock value it won't cause a problem but since you can tweak it (most people will do that in singleplayer to have more fun) it will cause a huge traffic jam in highway. This game is created based on the singleplayer ai not the TruckersMP.
  2. He mentioned that he teleported to one his garages (which also fast forwards the game) and said that it didn't work. Thats why I told him the long way.
  3. Hello, You have to do the economy reset to getthe other missions back. Launch up the mulitplayer for once and enter to the server that you want to play and just connect to the server. We are dong this because you have to get the time right for the multiplayer. After that close ETS2 go to your "Documents" folder from "My Computer". In there you will find "Euro Truck Simulator 2" not the one with "ETS2MP". Go to "Euro Truck Simulator 2" folder then go to "profiles" folder. There you will find some folders with random numbers. The amount of those folders represent the amount of profiles you have. You have to find the correct one I can't really help you with that. After you found the correct one open up the config with notepad and find " uset g_force_economy_reset "0" " then change the "0" to "1". After that save and exit the notepad open up the multiplayer. And chose the correct profile. After that you will get a warning mesage just click "Ok". Then connect to the multiplayer and you should be able to see all of the missions just fine. You can change " uset g_force_economy_reset "1" " to "0" if would like to becuase when you login to your profile this will keep reseting your missions and this will also reset your current delivery so you mission will be canceled every time you close and open up the game. And for the caracan missions I think that is just a random thing.
  4. Problem has been fixed and this topic can be closed to avoid useless mesages. I got a older version of my graphics driver and it worked all fine (anyway I am on my main pc now no problems)
  5. I like the volvo's new model because it flies. I used scania too but I didn't liked it to much 2nd one that I love is mercedes good dashboard, not bad speed.
  6. Hi on your old computer please go to the documents/ Euro Truck Sİmulator 2/ profiles and if you have more than one profiles copy all of those numbers to a flash drive (if you have one profile you should only see a random number) then move these files on your new computer to the same location. If the multiplayer starts crashing after you copied with the fatal error then start the game on dx 64 bit single player drive a short distance then save and come back to multiplayer. And if you lost the files on your old computer too then use roll back your windows to older date.
  7. I tried that but I will try again.
  8. Single player mode won't start dx9 in 64 bit mode thats the problem.
  9. I will overtake if there is nobody coming from the otherside and I won't overtake when it gets jammed.
  10. What to do if we can't run the game in dx mode many people have this problem. Please help us @mwl4
  11. @3567- I have seen this problem on the gl renders and some of the nvidia cards or computers that have problem with dx9 64 bit such as my laptop. I was abble run the game on gl after 2 updates ago so devs should have changed some of the files about the gl render maybe. If you ask about fixing the dx9 I would say no because I researched and find out that (one of the scs devs wrote this) they were having some problems with the nvdia drivers and dx compilatibility so one way or other we can't launch the game on dx9 64 bit. Then mp devs should look into this.
  12. @ResTed Nope drivers and windows are upt-to-date still the same thing. Edit: I tried reinstalling nvdia and Intel HD drivers but still no. By the way a lot of people has this problem and needs to fixed by the developers...
  13. @ResTed The problem is bigger I tried all of the options in there the non 64 bits (32 bits) worked fine all of them but when I try to launch in 64 bit only the open gl worked fine (yes, even the safe didn't launch. I thought maybe it is about the steam so I typed in cmd @IF EXIST "eurotrucks2.exe" CD ..\..\ @start bin\win_x64\eurotrucks2.exe -rdevice dx9 -64bit and it said again ets 2 stopped working. I looked for some research and find out that one of the developers from ssc said that there was a problem with the nvida drivers that could be true because when I runned this game at my desktop pc at home which has Amd R9 380 I had no problems with it. Here are the screenshots that you wanted http://prntscr.com/e01wt2 http://prntscr.com/e01x3o and I here are the crash data and the log from single player data. I will try to update windows today and re check if any of the drivers are not up-to-date I will write back the results. Thank you for the interest and help. game crash.txt game.log.txt
  14. @MrHarv98 http://pastebin.com/Rrvqbr54 @johnnyholland I will try that later If we cant find any solution.
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