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  1. Happy Birthday 🎉 :love: 

    1. MHT_


      Thanks a lot Chris! 😉

  2. Gebannt weil du genau weißt das ich der geilste aus ganz Deutschland bin, und nicht Grundii
  3. And thank you for the follow :wub:   (and as i said have a nice Weekend :troll: :LUL: )

  4. Welcome to the TMP Team :wub: :thisisfine: Have a nice Weekend 

  5. 🎵 Thank You For Everything 🎵

    This is the end
    Of the fairytale we're holding in our hands
    This is the end

    I'm saying the words
    Cause I'm longing to be free although it hurts
    So I'm saying the words

    Take a look over paradise one last time
    But I trust there's another one coming around

    This is the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
    When a heart burns out a new one shall come in
    This is the end, the end, the end, the end, the end
    When the lights go out a new life shall begin

    Thank you for all TMP :wub: 

  6. Glückwunsch du heiße Schnitte :love: :thisisfine: 

    1. Chris2306 [GER]
    2. Knusperschnitzel


      Danke Chris 😍, du bist aber auch nicht zu vernachlässigen xD

    3. Chris2306 [GER]
  7. Birthday present :love: :thisisfine: 

    Sunrise Avenue Bestellung.png

  8. 🎵  Lewis Capaldi - Before you go 🎵 
    Have a nice Evening :wub: 


  9. Für alle Deutschen hier, ein sehr lustiges Video 😂 😂 



    1. LetiFreshi


      HandOfBlood EHRE! 😂

  10. 😢 I hope your day was good..

    Some things break your heart, but keep going! ❤️ 


  11. Today is a sad day for me and all sunriser fans.. 😭 


  12. Hey, Ich würde dir raten dein @ Zeichen irgendwo anders zu schreiben und es dann zu kopieren, in die anmelde sachen wieder rein kopieren, dann sollte es funktionieren Liebe Grüße Chris
  13. Really enjoyed the Real Ops V8, thanks to @Matt #CarLadMatt & @Digital and the whole Event Staff
    it was nice to drove with @Knusperschnitzel & @flybel and @Racyen


    1. LetiFreshi


      Yeee, was a nice Event!

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