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  1. well i'm really happy to see that some many of you reacted so possitive for it i just requested this event so i'm waiting for approval
  2. dear, I was thinking maybe it could be a nice idea if we could organise a virtual truckshow on ets2 mp. because the truckstar festival and lots of other great shows have been cancelled due to covid standing at the port of calais (lots of parking room and no dlc required) for the evening also maybe a selection of a few very clean looking trucks for a contest of the most beautiful truck 2020 virtual ( with a top 3 of best trucks) hope to get some positive reactions on it and maybe in a few days or weeks we have a planned truck event regards
  3. dear, I think since last year you now will get kicked if you save edit you're truck with local mods. however i don't think most ruin the game or are bad for anyone. i really enjoyed to have a white 3 spoke oldschool steering wheel in my truck but now i get kicked for it everytime. Its a kinda mod that you only see and nobody else so not really a reason to get kicked for something like it? hopefully we can use some save edits again
  4. But i don't understand the the reason why getting kicked for it your the only one that sees them or that it ruins the game in any way so i think that this schould be patched
  5. at the moment i replace it i get kicked from the server and when i remove those i can join again. so the problem is the mod that now isn't allowed anymore?
  6. yep it indeed says trailer accesories but i don't know what the link is between also the yellow danish lights won't work either, really hope that something can be patch or so we can drive again in holland style
  7. Its only the steering wheel that i changed but i get kicked for it . And a year ago or something it still was allowed to use I think this peronal thing doesn't ruin the game for anyone?
  8. barre gaanders

    save edit

    dear, Why does the server keeps kicking you if you save edit something on you're truck. I know there was a rule because some players edited like 5 bullbars and stuff on there trucks that ruined it. Some edits really aren't that bad just like i really want to edit a oldschool 3spoke white wheel in my volvo but can't do it anymore. I think this rule should be edited or maybe removed because it really doesn't ruin anything in the game in my opinion regards
  9. hey, I got a problem, I did whats been showed here but my profiles map is empty how can i fix this? regards
  10. hey, Maybe you can look for the error code on the forum or website so you can fix you're problem. if you can't find it you can always open a support ticket and explain to stafff what and the error code you have. They help you as soon as possible to help to get you're game back running regards
  11. hey, Indeed as said before if you have the right version of the game. But do you even have al the required dlc's for it? EAST, NORTH, FRANCE, ITALY, BALTIC these are the dlc's you need to own to run promods hope i could help you with this. regards
  12. hey, Have you tried to restart you're computer? Maybe you have to reinstall you're game to fix tis issue. You could try this and maybe this helps. regards
  13. hey, I think indeed that one reason why, I also think that its because scs software puts more time in ets2, bring out more dlc s and updates then ats, Also in ets you can chose between 7 different brands of trucks and al the newest and some older models are in it, In ats you only have 3 or 4 brands of the so many that still exist Hope this could help you some, regards
  14. hey, for me its scandinavian roads all the way. very nice and smooth with very nice views of nature and big bridges
  15. hey, I think thats the reason they have simulator servers now. you get cars, speed limiter and have collisions. In my opinion i think if they took al the cars to arcade server that the server would be over populated. Most still like it to play with friends to do some heavy haulage and the friend pilot them with there cars. Sometims is the car a alternative to enjoy the game instead of hauling big cargo's. regards
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