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    Am nevoie de ajutor

    Salut! Am nevoie de ajutor in legatura cu contul de TMP! Chestia e ca mi-am uitat si email-ul, si nu mai pot face nimic! Ma poate ajuta un membru din staff, cu resetarea contului, sau a parolei?
  2. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Favourite Mods for Singleplayer

    My favorite mode on the single player would be a Renault with a Turkish design
  3. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Will Bus Dlc Income On 2019?

    And now it would get income from the bus, but it's not yet released!
  4. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Truck or car?

    Sincere i'd prefer the truck, that once it's a truck simulator, it should be just trucks, not cars!
  5. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Do people drive sensibly and obey traffic rules on the servers?

    People today are not so cautious and careful, so no longer respect ...
  6. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Winter mod is now available!

    Even many people were expecting this way!
  7. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Why has the trailer stability changed?

    I do not know why, but it's ok, because now you can turn around very quickly!
  8. Andrei-Nicusor0

    what is your biggest fault on truckersmp ?

    As far as I remember, I would have no blame, because I did not do anything for now!
  9. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Is heavy server lag being caused by WiFi connection?

    Normally there should be no wifi problems, but if there is a worse wifi there will be some problems!
  10. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Camionul Lunii Septembrie

  11. Andrei-Nicusor0

    On Which road do you drive often?

    Most of the time I drive on the same route, but I still run Calais-Duisburg with a friend! @Ady Man
  12. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Which Trucking Manufacture is Superior?

    For superior transports would be VOLVO, SCANIA and DAF XF 105!
  13. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Why is ATSMP so quiet.

    Ats has always been quiet, has always been an exemplary game of ets, but almost everyone loves Calais-Duisburg, so many are left on ets!
  14. Hello colleagues, good roads!
    I recently downloaded "Promods" and I did all the demands she asked me! But I did not get any color! So I bought that file with 1euro, and I followed again exactly what I had to do but it still does not work!
    Does anyone know what the problem is? Can a Developer Help Me?

    1. Bill97649


      I had the exact same problem and I don’t know why it isn’t working:(

    2. Andrei-Nicusor0


      @Bill97649, but at least you solved it?

    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      can you take screenshot of the game ?

  15. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Heavy Lag in heavily populated areas

    I noticed this very quickly! In a multi-person area such as Calais or Duisburg, a very lag is caused, especially to those people who have a weaker computer, but as far as I noticed, those people do not stop doing what they like because they like it to drive in crowded areas, but at the same time it can cause problems to other people around them! So this is a big problem to be considered by Echpa TMP!
  16. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Which truck/trucks do you prefer ? Why?*

    I prefer Daf Euro 6, and Volvo XF, because I place them inside and outside!
  17. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Custom skin's in MP

    An excellent idea, but putting this into practice will take some time!
  18. Andrei-Nicusor0

    Why are there few people on the mountain road?

    Yes, there are very few people in the mountains, because many people go to Calais-Duisburg, they like the crowd!
  19.  Will you like the dashboard of this truck? And if you like other truckloads that would be the same?7B6F9B60ED39652069743E8228D3438FCD977B0E