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  1. So I recently bought the special transport dlc for ets2 and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for any dlc under £7.00?? I’m open to any ideas!
  2. That 2% who like Renaults....
  3. In my opinion I think most people want to experience the chaos of driving with all the traffic as quite a lot of the other roads you only meet a few other players along the way, tbh I go there just for fun
  4. Generally I use automatic on multiplayer as normally I forget to change gear as I’m only watching the road xD
  5. So I was thinking at the moment we have only the caravan as a job offer for the scout cars, so I thought it would be cool to have a sort of mini flatbed trailer or even maybe a horse box as it would add more verity to the scout cars.
  6. When ever I log in it says ‘something went wrong when we tried loading your account’. Can someone tell me how to fix this because it would save me a lot of time! Thanks Bill97649
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