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  1. im loving the new renault. I just keep it it white and in Jspec trim
  2. hmmm first post and what a strange question to ask... clearly more to this than appears
  3. Guys, half the server cant drive without crashing on nearly empty roads. Adding in AI would be complete chaos..... look what happens on special WOT events as to how the server handles mass traffic.
  4. so are these both like the old sim only server now? and weve lost the general 'turn up and drive' server that was Eu2?
  5. So I just come back from a short break playing some other grames and log on to see whats new in the latest patch, then update my TMP and go for a drive..... I was blown away to see only 3 servers now? Sim 1 and 2 and arcade. Im guessing they are proper sim servers now and not just the free for all like we had before (with Eu1 being for the serious drivers). If im right, im loving that. Sorry if I should have done a forum search but im guessing the info has been buried deep in the time ive been away.
  6. being honest I cant see myself ever using this server.... I prefer the simulation and everyone being courteous approach.
  7. Occasionally I come across roadworks or incidents at the side of road that are left over from SP when playing in MP. Most are just a super brave policeman stood at side of road while trucks whizz by but occasionally I come across a whole section of coned off area. Id been avoiding them but I saw a player drive straight through them recently like they weren't there. So.… next time I came across one I did the same and drove straight at it.... guess what..... you cant drive straight through them. It stopped me dead and wrecked my truck. Im guessing these are locally spawned on your own screen/client but not necessarily on other players? and they are in fact real obstacles that you cant drive through..Is that right? Seems like an accident waiting to happen if so.. Ie I move over to avoid the obstacle that another player cant actually see on their screen. It will look like im trying to block.
  8. just submit a report and change servers to carry on. Learnt a long time ago that getting stressed about it doesn't make the game any more enjoyable.
  9. Maybe im just old but I cant get my head around the thought process (or lack of?) behind those that want to drive as fast as they can. When buying the game originally, it clearly says Euro Truck SIMULATOR in the title. At which point do these players take that to mean its not a simulator at all but a racing game? Or do they think it’s a simulator just because you can drive a truck and that’s where the simulator part ends? I guess im in the group of players that takes a simulator to mean that you play the game to simulate a real life experience, in this case – driving a truck and everything that goes with that. Racing at max speed just doesn’t enter my head. Even when these racing players want to race around, why do they need to do it around everyone else and risk getting banned. I just don’t get it.
  10. Looks like mine lol. (im gonna have to change mine now haha)
  11. next step for me is join up on a convoy/meet (once I figure out how to get voice working on my discord)
  12. andy Suter

    Which VTC?

    Cool! good choice, hope my dm's helped convince you!. I drive solo but don't mind teaming up for small group convoys. I like seeing other vivas on the road as they generally always say hello.
  13. andy Suter

    Truck or car?

    when caravans first arrived I thought id give it a go. I was actually quite surprised by the difference. I chose a sensible colour (not some neon green or other in your face colour) Driving physics aside, the reaction of other 'truck' drivers was a shock. I saw some drivers pull over or stop at junction even if they had right of way, I assume as they feared I was a troll and was just ram them. Then I also had the opposite, numerous trucks coming the other way, swerving into my lane to try and shove me off the road, one actually succeeded. Only lasted one night and I went back to trucks.
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