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  1. I have more money than a saudi shiek and none of it earned properly lol
  2. I try and take one of the paintjobs and play with it. Eg the heavy haulage one, instead of being 4 colours ive made it so my truck is 2 tone, which looks very j spec. I generally like simple paintjobs and favour my truck looking sophisticated rather than fast and furious
  3. Yeah i think the game is already pretty epic so just some bug fixes and refreshes of some of the older areas for me. New trucks - im gonna get flamed for this but to make it worthwhile for scs, id be happy to have new trucks as paid dlc.
  4. I used to belong to a large vtc. However, appeaences can be deciving and despite a regular amount of players in the vrc online, most just drove alone. It was boring so i left and now not in a vtc Id love to find a small group of realistic and mature drivers that i can hang out with sometimes as i do envy those groups you see in small convoys sometimes
  5. Ive not really explored baltic sea properly yet so ill give it more attention. I do like the roads around corsica. Not sure if thats part of france dlc or not?. I like the scenery of italia but i hate the stupid amount of toll roads you have to stop at
  6. Is this likely a sound mod bug or something else....i get the engine starting sound while im driving (new volvo) Other that i think its an improvment from what we had before
  7. 1) the autosave does pop up in the top left and causes a very slight blip in play but its always done this. The freezing im meaning is a full on frozen screen for like 8 seconds. 2) Im not sure. I dont think i am. Only thing ive changed is install rockstar game launcher and the proess lasso program which controls the cores. I may uninstall it and see if it solves it. 3) I fired all my AI drivers a year ago. The freezing has only started happening last night, which makes me think its something to do with the process lasso program. Ive not tried sim 1 as i only play on prom
  8. Has anyone else been suffering from temp freezing of the game for anything between 3 and 8 seconds. Literally the screen freezes and resumes from where it froze. Im also getting an occasional mild 'clicking' in the sound every 20-30 seconds or so. Never noticed this before last night. The only thing ive changed is install process lasso software which was to help red dead redemption run without freezing. While it could be this, i believe that any management of the cores is program specific? I just want to establish if its my end or server end? (i tested my ethernet conn
  9. Great guide and caught my attention as ive just bought a 2nd hand g920. I honestly thought it was plug and play with the only set up being inside ets2 option/controls to tell the game youre usi g a wheel and to set up a few buttons. Is this not the case?
  10. Suggestion Name: section for drivers to advertise when they are looking to join a company. Suggestion Description: Add maybe a template to fill in so people can see the sort of driver you are and what your looking for and then let interested companies contact you. Why should it be added? System works well on other games i play - looking for group - type thing Having tried the current way, ive applied to lots of companies, been accepted only to find they arent the sort of thing im looking for so i leave again.
  11. Thanks, Thats solved it. I had done all that but just done it again and the channels all opened up for me
  12. how do i link my discord to TMP. Ive done it from the TMP end but reading the help in discord it refers to a connect channel that i have to enter a tick in. I dont have that channel.
  13. did iceland today and my nerves are a wreck now. Not going back soon til the novelty wears off.
  14. how do i get my 'master trucker' to show instead of Vet 1? i signed up for the master trucker tier
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