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  1. is there anywhere in particular?
  2. Like many of us, I drive around the maps on jobs and occasionally see something, like a landmark or scenery and think ‘wow that’s looks cool’. Its usually very hard to stop and look but still interesting. My favourite place is all the sculptures on the side of the motorway in the northern part of Sweden. Im interested to see what landmarks/features you’ve enjoyed seeing on your travels, whether its a fantastic bridge crossing, an interesting building, a strange looking sculpture etc (doesn’t matter if DLC areas and vanilla areas). I’ll then do a sight seeing trip to see them all as its often easy to overlook the work SCS put into the various areas Im not sure if ive seen one before but a sticky with our photo's of the landmarks we come across would be great!
  3. andy Suter

    Who would you like to meet IRL ?

    Haha I love this, so honest lmao and because of that ( and partly to wind him up) @TheCreepyTruckr is now a person I want to meet. We could sit and whinge. i don’t actually agree with him but I love the two fingers approach Also like to meet @FernandoCR [ESP] as he’s a ‘seasoned’ player like myself and we seem to share a similar outlook on the game
  4. andy Suter

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Good reply but am I missing something. You responded with 'its not as simple as that' and then agreed with every point I made. Surely that demonstrates we can pick out what is an accident and what is a result of just being an idiot? I agree with your closing point about it no incident is like another and each should be judged. My main worry is with those that shout 'an accident is an accident and all should be banned irrespective of deliberate or not' while running around with pitchforks in hand.... I wouldnt want blanket bans applied to drivers that just made a silly mistake and it wasn't intentional. It would be a shame if these drivers were prevented from playing for a week or so. I fully support getting rid of the trolls and those that treat it like a racing game. Im sure the mods take all this into account.
  5. andy Suter

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    Its easy..... for eg...Someone that approaches you at high speed around a corner and slams into you is clearly reckless. Whereas a low speed bump where you can see the person trying to correct and avoid before the incident, is clearly an 'oops, sorry' moment. Another one.... flying past at high speed before cutting in front of you, braking hard as they have just realised they have missed a turn, before attempting to turn, leading you to run into the back of them. That's reckless. I could go on but we have all had instances where we can tell the other driver is a total idiot or if its just a simple 'sorry I misjudged that' moment. I see references to police in real life punishing people for mistakes. This is in fact incorrect. You only get 'punished' if its serious enough or you have been dangerous or reckless. Many simple accidents go unpunished
  6. andy Suter

    Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Joined - accepted within about 10 minutes. Still in early days, trying to at least get up to Driver rank. Im new to discord etc so taking it one step at a time. I love seeing other Vivas on the road. As a solo player in MP (ie i have no friends lol) its like coming across a team member who are always happy to join up for a bit and go in the same direction. Still a bit of a lone wolf but enjoying the 'its there if you want it' approach...
  7. andy Suter

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    I don't report anyone anymore unless its become a personal and targeted attack. If its just bad driving I don't report. I just tell myself its a game and move on. I went through a phase of reporting everything I saw and even had the 'REC' in my tag but it became obsessive and I spent as much time reporting as I did playing. If someone follows me around, trying to obstruct me then i'll report
  8. andy Suter

    Communicating with other players in game

    So I hooked up my mic and tested it in the settings. Seems to be working but then when I go to press X (and hold to talk), I don't get any noise or 'clicks' or pop ups on screen or anything to even tell me im broadcasting. Is that normal?
  9. andy Suter

    Ban Baiters

    While I sympathise with the OP, my view is there is absolutely no reason to even be on the c-d road unless you want to be among the chaos. Theres loads of other areas you can be on, or alternative routes if you really must go from C-D. If you play among the wolves, you're going to get bitten. Thinking outloud but I may have a solution to the trolls and its a bit radical and a bit reverse psychology which will have everyone screaming that im mad. If youre a troll - where do you go? one easy answer C-D road. Why? to annoy people, try ban baiting like the OP is having issues with etc etc.....But what if there wasnt a C-D road? My idea is simply don't moderate that road. Let it be a free for all. Theres no risk of bans, it will be rammed full with trolls and be total carnage for a while and eventually all the serious players will go to alternative routes meaning theres no bait for the trolls. Everyone will disperse to the wider areas making them a bit busier. With less of a target area, the trolls impact will be reduced and likely get fed up and move on. Maybe its wishful thinking and likely be met with cries that im a lunatic for suggesting it but has it ever been tried before?
  10. andy Suter

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I think there should be (if not already?) a distinction between deliberate and accidental. Anyone deliberately causing upset to others needs to be removed from the game for whatever period is deemed suitable by the mods. However, those that have just been a victim of a silly mistake/accident shouldn’t be punished. No-ones perfect and to remove a 99% fair player from the game for a week because of a lapse of concentration isn’t really helping the game. Yes rules are rules but theres a huge difference between those that are here to cause grief or regularly careless and those that have had a one off accident. I haven’t reported anyone for a long time as I wouldn’t want to get a good player banned for a simple slipup
  11. andy Suter

    Communicating with other players in game

    Thanks for the replies. So to type, are you pressing 'y' to open up the chat panel (mine covers half the screen!) and type in the there or is there a quicker way?
  12. andy Suter

    DLC areas vs open to all areas

    Sorry you took offense to my observation of the bad drivers having neon coloured tyres. I didn’t say ALL neon drivers are bad drivers, I said all the ones I spotted behaving badly had non tyres. Make your own assumption. As a 47 year old driver, that customisation doesnt appeal to me, I prefer just standard looking tyres but I know my 13yr old son would love them….. Juts a bit of context, im not new to ETS or MP. Ive been on ETS since it arrived but only the last year on MP and as mentioned ive generally stuck to DLC areas to avoid the chaos. It was just the one trip I made to see if my hiding behind DLC boundaries was justified. I felt it was.
  13. So im having a problem with talking with other players. Ive got a mic but never plug it in so that’s my first thing I’ll do. I assume just press X to talk? The next thing is chat. A good example was last night. Ive just joined a VTC (viva) and came across another VTC driver. I could hear him wanting to chat on CB but I couldn’t as my mic wasn’t set up. I then went into chat and saw he’d been trying to chat I there but I hadn’t seen it. How do you guys have the chat visible and do you type while driving? I find that impossible.
  14. So I spend most of my time in DLC area’s, usually on EU2 or more recently Eu3 if 2 is full. I rarely have any issues and most drivers are courteous and sensible although theres always a few exceptions. However, yesterday I decided to drop into Germany and my god, what a difference in player style. Now I had congested cities, People doing ‘donuts’ in service areas, people spamming the radio with random ‘hellos’, cars thinking they own the road as they had becons on and spamming the horn while driving down the middle of the road (towing a caravan), and I came across one group that were acting out some kind of breakdown recovery by stopping dead and blocking the motorway (but it was ok… they put beacons on! – joke). As you can imagine, approaching this in the dark unlit road at 65mph, with trucks following behind gave me a bit of a moment!. I had people slamming into lamp columns in front of me, spinning on roundabouts (I assume they had winter mod on?)…. It was total carnage and it wasn’t even a typical busy area… it was berlin. I couldn’t wait to get back over the borders to DLC Baltic where it’s a bit more grown up! I did notice a common theme though - all the 'problem' incidents involved players with neon coloured writing on the tyres.....coincidence?
  15. andy Suter

    Do you own Schwarzmuller & Krone DLC?

    I have all the DLC’s too but I actually prefer the standard trailer options than the Krone. With Krone I find them quite limited for eg the flat bed…. With Krone its just a flat bed. No options (other than colour and skirts etc). With the ETS2 one you can have wood or steel, flat bed or drop side, add a tail lift in there etc. Each option you pick changes the cargo you can get. So I went from long steel tubes or concrete planks with the Krone, to carrying those but also big bags, pallets or bricks, tiles etc. Much more variety. So, im disappointed with the Krones although the trailers do look more detailed.