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  1. I have more money than a saudi shiek and none of it earned properly lol
  2. I try and take one of the paintjobs and play with it. Eg the heavy haulage one, instead of being 4 colours ive made it so my truck is 2 tone, which looks very j spec. I generally like simple paintjobs and favour my truck looking sophisticated rather than fast and furious
  3. Yeah i think the game is already pretty epic so just some bug fixes and refreshes of some of the older areas for me. New trucks - im gonna get flamed for this but to make it worthwhile for scs, id be happy to have new trucks as paid dlc.
  4. I used to belong to a large vtc. However, appeaences can be deciving and despite a regular amount of players in the vrc online, most just drove alone. It was boring so i left and now not in a vtc Id love to find a small group of realistic and mature drivers that i can hang out with sometimes as i do envy those groups you see in small convoys sometimes
  5. Ive not really explored baltic sea properly yet so ill give it more attention. I do like the roads around corsica. Not sure if thats part of france dlc or not?. I like the scenery of italia but i hate the stupid amount of toll roads you have to stop at
  6. Is this likely a sound mod bug or something else....i get the engine starting sound while im driving (new volvo) Other that i think its an improvment from what we had before
  7. I have a simple one too. Drive like 99% of us would on the real life roads and you wont go too far wrong. Ie… treat it like a sim and not a racing game and you will be good. Lastly, always have recording on, if not to report others, at least to cover your own ass when you get rammed by some troll.
  8. Ive been noticing this ‘issue’ for a while but after trying the roads around Corsica it just reminded me to ask the question. Its in relation to truck/trailer stability. I have mine set quite high up the scale (as well as brake intensity). Yet im finding my truck feels very wobbly (was old scania, now new actros). I feel like its going to tip over on some corners and indeed it has done a few times. Totally my fault as I was going too fast. But heres the issue – Im actually going slower than most. If I go the correct speed so I don’t tip over, im holding people up. If I let them pass, they zoom off into the distance. Is there something else I need to be setting up? Im not wanting to be a speed demon, I just cant understand how others are taking corners so much faster with apparently no issues.
  9. i only play on PM1 now. I love it. Just the right amount of people so you arent lonely and i think its a massive improvement over vanilla maps. I cant see myself going back to sim 1 unless im forced
  10. looks great but i can see myself getting frustrated if i have to sit through a 2min cut scene everytime i cross the river
  11. 1) the autosave does pop up in the top left and causes a very slight blip in play but its always done this. The freezing im meaning is a full on frozen screen for like 8 seconds. 2) Im not sure. I dont think i am. Only thing ive changed is install rockstar game launcher and the proess lasso program which controls the cores. I may uninstall it and see if it solves it. 3) I fired all my AI drivers a year ago. The freezing has only started happening last night, which makes me think its something to do with the process lasso program. Ive not tried sim 1 as i only play on promods 1 so i may give that a try to see if its server or promod related and not my machine at all The only other thing i can think of is theres been an minor update or patch or something in the last week?
  12. i'll buy it, once i know how it affects promods 1 server as thats where i play now and dont want to cause any conflict with it.
  13. Has anyone else been suffering from temp freezing of the game for anything between 3 and 8 seconds. Literally the screen freezes and resumes from where it froze. Im also getting an occasional mild 'clicking' in the sound every 20-30 seconds or so. Never noticed this before last night. The only thing ive changed is install process lasso software which was to help red dead redemption run without freezing. While it could be this, i believe that any management of the cores is program specific? I just want to establish if its my end or server end? (i tested my ethernet connection and i was getting 67mpbs and 25+ upload so my internet is fine)
  14. That’s a totally fair point and one I was conscious of when creating the poll. Ive tried to keep it as anonymous as possible and just for clarity, even as the OP I can only see how many have voted in each category, not who voted for what, so I guess the same as everyone else. Interesting results so far though, most players (on the forum!) are within the 18-30 age bracket with a clear majority, and some way behind is the next band up, 31-50. The over 50’s and under 18’s are very much minority groups. As expected, most users have a driving licences but I am surprised at how many don’t. I wouldn’t have expected a RL non driver to be interested in a driving simulator game but im clearly wrong as I guess you don’t need to be a solider to play Call of duty. I also expected the majority group to the over 30’s as I had In my head that trucks and HGVs are something that would be more appealing to an older person than a 20 something. Again, I way off on that one Maybe the poll also helps TMP with an indication of their player base.
  15. Its just a bit of fun and play on your quote. Dont be so serious.
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