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  1. andy Suter

    Best Acceleration in Trucks with normal Cargo

    if real world physics are included in the game don't just assume that the biggest HP engine is the most powerful. When pulling loads you need to also look at Torque. This is the power figure that determines the strength of the engine. best way to describe it is compare a supercar say a buggati veron with a HGV. The Bugatti has way more BHP than the truck but the truck has more Torque. Yet, stick a 15 tonne heavy weight on the back and the buggati will just spin its wheels and not get anywhere. Hitch the same load the HGV and normal service resumes. In an unloaded drag race, we know whose going to win that. So, without getting all engineering on you, its to do with how that 'power' is produced. The biggest HP truck needn't actually be the fastest accelerating with a heavy load. Then we haven't even got into gearing etc In short, play about with the different combination and see what works best. The fastest truck I found for normal cargo actually used a 420bhp engine!
  2. andy Suter Released

    at the end of the day, everyone has a choice. You either play MP (which is someone elses mod on a server that we are all guests), or you don't. If youre ok with the rules, great, welcome to the community. If you don't, Just log off and play SP or another game. Ps - can I have your stuff. Its simply really. Cant understand why some people are getting all privileged about it.
  3. andy Suter

    How to behave in extreme situations

    Without knowing the full picture (and I believe you aren’t allowed to discuss that on the forum anyway), if im sat in service area, an accident happens nearby and then the CB radio is full of people swearing etc, when I have my 7yr old daughter sat next to me, then I can see why people that shout insults also get banned. The rules are quite clear, no insulting, although I know that’s hard to do when you’ve invested so much time on a trip to have it destroyed at the very end. The other answer, and I hate to say it, only do important deliveries on a quiet server. If I am to pass through a busy area, with lots of trolls and GTA drivers, I pull over, and switch server until I pass through.
  4. andy Suter

    Looking for VTC to convoy with but still keeping my own colours

    I had an idea for a freelance VTC. Basically something to cater for those that want to be independent with own colours, no driving tests etc but want to join up with others when they want. Setting up a VTC looks like a lot of work so I haven't bothered and just drive solo still.
  5. andy Suter

    What dlcs do you have ?

    all for me too, but not the country paintjobs. They are really cheap if you shop around.
  6. andy Suter

    damage from nowhere

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: current plus 3 previous versions. Controllers Used: DS4 Description of Issue: Don’t know if these are linked but occasionally in certain towns ( Malmo is one) I get ‘trailer damage 0%’ flashing up every 2 seconds. More of a distraction than anything else. Then yesterday same thing happened and when I looked my truck had gone from 0 to 42% damaged. It then started stalling and the usual ‘headlights or get kicked etc’. There wasn’t anyone around and I didn’t hit anything. How to reproduce: Normal driving in Malmo (and other towns) Screenshots / Videos:none
  7. andy Suter

    Please learn your priorities!

    Not strictly related but im having issues with just general bad driving. Things like overtaking you at 150kph, then braking hard and cutting in front as they realised they were going to fast for their exit, - overtaking on the inside, just as you are moving back into your lane – driving the wrong way back up exits as they realised they took the wrong turn. Then I realised that a good portion of the player base are probably too young to even own a RL car license. As such, they will drive the only way they know how, like they do on computer games where a 3 lane road is just a stretch of tarmac to race down. Other players are ‘obstacles’ to avoid etc. Part of me then is a bit more tolerant of these ‘kids’ so I don’t report his type of stuff and just try to carry on, even when they start shouting abuse down the mic in their prepubescent voices, but the winning part of me is the one logging off and joining EU1
  8. andy Suter

    Call of the wild

    Ive just heard that my local Porshe dealer is giving away free car hire. So I went down to see what the deal was. Doesn’t cost a thing apparently. They provide use of a new Porsche as long as you stick to a few rules. I read the rules, signed on the line and had a go in a new Porsche (I could even choose the colour). But then I wasn’t happy. Apparently you can only stick to the speed limits. Wasn’t having any of that rubbish so complained. They said ‘sorry that’s rules – its a free Porsche, no cost you – just don’t speed’… I wasn’t having this dictatorship enforced on me so I argued again. Then I got my mates to argue too. In the end I stood outside the show room with signs to show how unhappy I was. Outrageous….. Im now on a bicycle. Those B****ds wont beat me.
  9. andy Suter

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    With respect.... that's a few less problem players then. Mission accomplished. When I learn to ride a motorcycle they told me ' it likely wont be you that causes an accident but others around you'. You may well be in control of your ballistic missile truck but I cant promise you that as I move into a new lane to overtake someone, while Im trucking along at 100kph that I will see you far enough away in my laggy mirrors, as you hurtle toward some at 170kph…. I cant promise I can prevent you running into the back of me if you going so fast that I cant react. I also cant promise those that overtake on the inside after ive just overtaken someone myself and im moving back into the correct lane that I wont force you into the grass. I also cant promise that I wont send in an abuse report when you start swearing in the mic and sitting on the horn like a frustrated toddler whose just had a toy taken off them, especially when my 7yr old daughter is sat next to me watching me play trucks. If that results in me getting banned, so be it but as far as im concerned I’ll be driving according to the rules of the road as I have done for 30 years in real life. I record all the time so that may help. I shouldn’t have to look out of GTA drivers in a truck simulation. If I want that I could… <this may be hard to comprehend> go to GTA…. Ta da!!! Some may say, ‘you shouldn’t be playing on EU2, go to Eu1’ or something similarly boring. Strange this, last time I checked, I was playing a truck simulator and ive not seen many trucks in RL speed past me at 170kph…. Just a thought.
  10. andy Suter

    What do you think about caravan

    I have seen this too. I’m 99.9% truck driver who likes to play properly etc but tried the car with caravan to see what’s it’s like. On 3 occasions in one trip ( dlc scand I may add) oncoming trucks served into my lane on seeing I was a car and tried to force me off the road. They weren’t overtaking or had any reason other than to cause me grief. i wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. Next time I’m reporting everyone that does this as thankfully I record all the time
  11. andy Suter

    What do you think about caravan

    I’ve never driven a car until this update but I quite like it. I can already see the ones who normally drive trucks as a simulator now driving the car/caravan with the same care. Then on on the flip side I’ve also see a lot more accidents as the trolls are out in force! shame it’s only on eu2 as I fancied playing simulation EU1 but couldn’t
  12. andy Suter

    anyone play arma 3?

    Ive read its quite PC intensive but im well above the recommended requirments so im hoping ill be ok. · Cooler master MasterBox Lite 5 Case · Corsair CX 550W PSU · Intel Core i5 7400 3.0Ghz Processor · Asus PRIME B250M-PLUS Motherboard · 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400MHz DDR4 RAM · Nvidia GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Graphics Card · Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm Hard Drive · 7.1 Surround Sound Audio
  13. andy Suter

    anyone play arma 3?

    Just got the game as the 'grown up - simulation' element appeals to me. Anyone else play and fancy teaching a noob?
  14. andy Suter

    How many employees do you have in ETS 2 or ATS ?

    I had around 20 then I was noticing a few players were 'stuttering' as we drove along. I have a pretty good pc and each time we have good pings of less than 30ms. I then read about drivers so I got rid of all mine and sold the trucks. Now the stutter doesn't happen.