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  1. To answer the question you first need to ask why you feel theres a need for such a server. This I expect is that you want to drive with what is maybe perceived as more experienced and sensible players, reducing troll encounters etc…? If im right, as others have said there is already a server that addresses those issues…..EU1. Its pretty much troll free and the people on there are highly likely to be mature players, that give way at junctions, stop at lights, stick to limits etc. The irony is that its very quiet so this indicates to me people would rather play on a busy server and run the risk of being trolled. A perfect server for me would be if EU1 was as busy as EU2 or even EU3
  2. The thing that annoys me more that someone having REC BAN isn’t the fact they have it, but the resulting aftermath that happens if a player gets hit. Ive noticed the REC BAN players are a little more toxic (probably through months/years of suffering idiots). I often have my 8yr old sat next to me when Im playing as she likes watching the game. When an incident happens, and it doesn’t even need to be in view, just in mic range, its almost a given that you hear someone shout ‘f**k you, you moron’ etc etc etc over the mic, which then results in the other party firing insults back…. Its not exactly family friendly. I tend to experience this much more than just seeing an crash or incident So I don’t care if you have REC BAN or have been rammed for the 10th time today….please just watch what you say over mic… you never know whose listening. If I hear it…im 100% going to report it.
  3. putting REC BAN in your title isn't something you do when you start playing. Its something you do when you've become so fed up with idiots ruining your game play. Its a visible warning to others to play nice around you. Whether they are recording or not doesn't matter, its the sentiment To get to that point, the 'fun' has certainly been drained from the game by the actions of others.
  4. I remember those time too. Especially in my first week where I pulled out into the outside lane to overtake without seeing a skoda approaching at light speed, resulting in me smashing him into the barrier and me getting a ban. Great fun… not Long live the speed restriction on our TRUCK sim!
  5. I tend to agree with the OP. I see loads of bumps and crashes every time I play. Most result in someone shouting over the mic or some abusive comment on the chat. I think what a lot of people forget is that this is a game. Its not real life. As with any game, people will make an error. I cant think of one game that ive played where I haven’t done something stupid that I regretted later. Eg, fall of a cliff, run onto a powerful mob, pressed the wrong button etc. The difference on those is that you don’t get people acting like they are perfect and blasting you for it. With TMP its too easy to rant at someone and then report them. This also creates work for the mods Don’t get me wrong, half the time you see some crazy driver for example - going way too fast, who overshoots a junction and still tries to make the turn but ends up crashing and blocking the road or worse, running into someone. Purposeful carelessness should be reported but I like to think people should stop and pause for second and think was that just a simple error or was the person being a douchbag and being selfish or disrespectful to other gamers. The latter I report, the former I just get one with my day. Maybe before you report anyone, stop and think – have I made an errors today…..
  6. andy Suter

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    1yr of playing TMP and ive submitted 5 web reports (last one yesterday) Looking at some of the posts where drivers admit to only playing on CD road and submit 5-10 reports a day, that for me is playing solely to find trouble. Its because of that type of play that the mods are so busy
  7. andy Suter

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

  8. andy Suter

    Punishment history private ???

    so in the real world non of us walk around with a sign on our heads saying 'I stole £20 from my gran' or 'I once kicked a puppy'.....yet there is a record kept of past crimes in case we commit one. This is your criminal record. Its not there to decide if you are guilty or not, that's based on the actual offense, but rather to gauge your possible punishment on. We are 'general users' don't decide punishments so theres no need to see a previous person history. Now using the VTC's thing as a point, that is again a mirror of real life. Most companies ask if you have criminal records. When I was a football coach, I had a police check done on me to make sure I didn't have form for dubious activities. We don't need to see peoples records, only admin do. If a person has committed a rule break, they have done it regardless of how many times they've been banned etc On the flipside, if someone hit me, totally by accident (it happens) and it resulted in a perm ban for them, then id feel a bit guilty.
  9. Omg, just done it and it’s a game changer for me. I now love the classic scania. Thank you so much!!
  10. andy Suter

    What is the next county you would like to see scs either expand or create?

    As SCS need to sell dlc to fund the continuous work, I think reworking of areas doesn't really bring any new players to the game. Im betting not a lot of people bought ETS2 as they had reworked part of Germany.... I think any reworking needs to be done alongside any new areas. Although I like the idea of UK being updated (its very very bland) I don't think it will happen anytime soon. Its not even a popular area like say Germany is. In terms of new areas, i'd like to see a hotter country done, eg spain where they have the option of sun drenched browned landscapes, mixed with lush green areas, big cties like Madrid/Barcelona mixed with small mountain villages. France DLC doesnt seem very popular so maybe that type of scenery doesnt attract people. However, I think the next new area will be Croatia, Romania, Serbia etc as they seem to be spreading east, rather than west
  11. andy Suter

    Beyond the Baltic Sea - Opinions?

    Apologies, im not very well travelled so I had no idea wages were so low. 18euro is a lot when you explain it like that. Its still a very good size expansion though, for those thinking of getting it. Easily as big as Scand.
  12. andy Suter

    Beyond the Baltic Sea - Opinions?

    The price in UK was £16. not sure how that compares. I think it really should be the same around the world as its a download... its not like theres any import taxes etc. I think the DLC is a huge area to add. I like the 'checking documents' bit when you cross borders. Makes it feel different. Not really noticed much difference in scenery to say the scand dlc although I have come across some nice road through forests which are quite atmospheric. Finland is a bit boring though. (the dlc not the country haha - before I upset any finish people)
  13. let me know if you manage to do it and if it makes a difference?
  14. Superb!! just what I wanted to hear. Next question is... how do I open the console?
  15. Youre totally correct Michael, im always in the shops tweaking this/that, hence I want to settle on a truck and just start on a big adventure with it. The 4 i short listed are so close but each has its own issue for me. I went J spec for a while with a white 2018 scania but the VTC paint job doesn’t really suit J spec, it’s a bit bright and flash and it seems 50% of players have a Scania. (maybe it’s the ‘best truck???) New volvo is great and its got a great interior but everyone thinks im in the 750 gang and wonder why im crawling up a hill. Classis volvo is a bit closer to what I want and probably the one I’ll go for But… if I could get the interior engine noise louder on the old Scania, then I’d be set. Not sure if theres a save edit I can do for this PS - do you not think the magnum looks like its been punched in the face and sucking its gums? lmao