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  1. I have more money than a saudi shiek and none of it earned properly lol
  2. 1) the autosave does pop up in the top left and causes a very slight blip in play but its always done this. The freezing im meaning is a full on frozen screen for like 8 seconds. 2) Im not sure. I dont think i am. Only thing ive changed is install rockstar game launcher and the proess lasso program which controls the cores. I may uninstall it and see if it solves it. 3) I fired all my AI drivers a year ago. The freezing has only started happening last night, which makes me think its something to do with the process lasso program. Ive not tried sim 1 as i only play on promods 1 so i may give that a try to see if its server or promod related and not my machine at all The only other thing i can think of is theres been an minor update or patch or something in the last week?
  3. Has anyone else been suffering from temp freezing of the game for anything between 3 and 8 seconds. Literally the screen freezes and resumes from where it froze. Im also getting an occasional mild 'clicking' in the sound every 20-30 seconds or so. Never noticed this before last night. The only thing ive changed is install process lasso software which was to help red dead redemption run without freezing. While it could be this, i believe that any management of the cores is program specific? I just want to establish if its my end or server end? (i tested my ethernet connection and i was getting 67mpbs and 25+ upload so my internet is fine)
  4. Great guide and caught my attention as ive just bought a 2nd hand g920. I honestly thought it was plug and play with the only set up being inside ets2 option/controls to tell the game youre usi g a wheel and to set up a few buttons. Is this not the case?
  5. Suggestion Name: section for drivers to advertise when they are looking to join a company. Suggestion Description: Add maybe a template to fill in so people can see the sort of driver you are and what your looking for and then let interested companies contact you. Why should it be added? System works well on other games i play - looking for group - type thing Having tried the current way, ive applied to lots of companies, been accepted only to find they arent the sort of thing im looking for so i leave again.
  6. Thanks, Thats solved it. I had done all that but just done it again and the channels all opened up for me
  7. how do i link my discord to TMP. Ive done it from the TMP end but reading the help in discord it refers to a connect channel that i have to enter a tick in. I dont have that channel.
  8. did iceland today and my nerves are a wreck now. Not going back soon til the novelty wears off.
  9. how do i get my 'master trucker' to show instead of Vet 1? i signed up for the master trucker tier
  10. Having never used promods before, this is like having a totally new game. Thank you TMP (and promods).
  11. Occasionally I come across roadworks or incidents at the side of road that are left over from SP when playing in MP. Most are just a super brave policeman stood at side of road while trucks whizz by but occasionally I come across a whole section of coned off area. Id been avoiding them but I saw a player drive straight through them recently like they weren't there. So.… next time I came across one I did the same and drove straight at it.... guess what..... you cant drive straight through them. It stopped me dead and wrecked my truck. Im guessing these are locally spawned on your own screen/client but not necessarily on other players? and they are in fact real obstacles that you cant drive through..Is that right? Seems like an accident waiting to happen if so.. Ie I move over to avoid the obstacle that another player cant actually see on their screen. It will look like im trying to block.
  12. If I have say UK paint job pack and playing on MP, do others need the same paintjob pack to be able to see it? Does it just show as a plain white truck if you do?
  13. Im a mature driver (47yrs old) with a family. Im generally a solo player with no friends. I was looking for a VTC to join where I could be part of something but not have to ‘socialise’ if I didn’t want to. I wanted driver logs etc and feel like there was a purpose to be spending 6hrs on a Saturday driving a virtual truck. It needed to have other mature drivers, even if it was a good mix of ages. There was a few that advertise and I made the mistake of joining one where I was going to be tested by a schoolboy on whether I could drive or not (having had a RL car license of 30years). The discord was full of teenage banter and it simply wasn’t the one for me. So I just went lone wolf for a long time and found myself hanging in popular areas so I could feel like I was in a MP game like a lost puppy. I then decided to join a VTC again and looked on the forum. Theres one that appears as the Stobart of VTC’s (I know there is a Stobart VTC). That VTC was Viva. They are everywhere and most people know the colours. I applied late last week and was accepted within 10 mins. Since driving around this weekend ive seen loads of other Viva drivers who all want to chat, pair up and convoy. Its like you’ve just found a team mate even if you’ve never spoke before. Ive not joined the discord chat yet and I haven’t been on a full convoy but im still enjoying it. Ive had loads more ‘honks’ from other drivers on the road than I did when solo and people do seem to drive more sensibly around you, I assume as they know you will be a courteous and professional driver. It’s a win win for me.
  14. at the end of the day, everyone has a choice. You either play MP (which is someone elses mod on a server that we are all guests), or you don't. If youre ok with the rules, great, welcome to the community. If you don't, Just log off and play SP or another game. Ps - can I have your stuff. Its simply really. Cant understand why some people are getting all privileged about it.
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