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  3. So i finally got freecam working and i seen that when you are in freecam you can teleport? If that is true i have a question: Can you use freecam to unflip your ride instead of loading save or tping to repair shop or idk how it is called bc i have a very very VERY bad hdd drive and everytime i flip i wonder "Am i blocking the traffic because the ghost mode is disabling TOO quick?" oh and yes sometimes i was and one time SOMEONE wanted to report me for that i was still in loading screen with Ets 2 logo and ghost mode has disapeared too fast. [yes he did but i did not get banned[or i will be in feature]] So the question: Can you use freecam to unflip your ride instead of loading save or tping to repair shop or idk how it is called? Sorry for my bad English. Im from Poland. [idk why im still typing this lol im typing this everytime LUL]
  4. I Heard that you can use Freecam [cam 0] in ets 2 for reporting players if someone crashes into you and tries to run away you can see what is his id. And now i try to get access to it but when i try to go to config.cfg in ets 2 documents folder there is no g_developer , and now im trying the eurotruck > profiles > cfg but theres still no g_developer command. [but there is no g_deve... either] Can someone help me? If you need the cfg file just say. btw theres also no fly speed or console idk why console but someone said to set it to 1. Sorry for my bad English bc im from Poland.
  5. How can i say... The bug fixed itself? after waiting some time the game started working so if someone from mod team would want to close it u can do it
  6. Hello! ? This may help! 1.When you start the game start it with administrator permisions Did not work? 2.When you are in game before instantly clicking DRIVE wait 1 minute and after a minute try to drive. Did not work? for me 2 worked! if it works say If this did not work Try that what @Owen. said!
  7. So yesterday i experienced the Unreliable connection error and i fixed it by waiting 1 minute before clicking drive, today when i tried to play everything worked(12-16 in my time zone (poland)) but now when i do this 1 minute waiting trick when loading the loading bar stops almost at the end and i get the [An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?] also there is the screen shot of error https://prnt.sc/t3tqho. Also i get the connection breaked reconnecting massage on chat . idk how to call it [my screen shot software cant create screen shot of game] Things i tried: Not using the wait trick Trying to go into SP (it worked but what can i do in it its boring xd) Not using wifi (i plugged my network with usb cable bc its wireless only but if i plug in usb cable it acs like ethernet) Checking intergity files or something in steam? (idk how do you type this in english bc i have pl version of steam) [it did not find anything] rebooting pc i tried several times and its only showing the fatal error changing profiles and saves Using other posts One thing that i did not try is FULLY reinstalling truckersmp. Also when trying to restart game is shows Attention game crash detected or something idk EDIT:Forgot to say that this happened in ets2. EDIT2:Added thing to Things what i tried \/\/\/\/\/ There are Crash logs \/\/\/\/\/ Sorry for bad English im from Poland. game.log.txt
  8. Oh i was also wondering about this! Thanks!
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