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    Have a relaxing drive after work on the weekend. Get in a respectful convoy time to time. Obey the speed limit +-10km/h.
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  1. "Authenticating" is a network related issue, but sometimes server related as well. All you need to do is ensure you have at least 100 to 500 Mbps Internet. At least in the TMP case it is so.
  2. Here it goes -> When will Calais-Duisburg road be closed permanently and changed with another one?
  3. I use a HDD and have no problems with disconnects, unless... the high laggers are in my vicinity. That is to be expected.
  4. Nah... what's the point in having money in the first place? Better yet, why not make the command take money from you?
  5. From the years spent in this game I figured that most mods are useless. But and this is a big BUT, some came as a surprise to how useful they are. Yes, the GUI should either come as a mod from the workshop or be implemented by SCS, there is no 3rd option.
  6. The anti-cheat should not be a program, but a punishment like the BAN system. You cheat -> you play/access only Arcade servers for a set period of time or access an Arcade server where the "/fix"-command is OFF and collision is ON. In other words -> SP without AI traffic on the base map (no DLC content or modded maps). You want to play, that's what you get.
  7. Suggestion Description: As per the rules for modded maps to appear on the TMP platform, the Reforma map is a good candidate with the complexity most of us seek to have (national curvy roads). Also the sub maps that go with it, namely "Montana Expansion", "Coast2Coast" and "Middle East Expansion", become ready up to a week prior the release of the big map mod. But it needs to be noted that the map requires ALL map DLCs, as this one is the proper "ProMods" for ATS. Any example images: 1 from my combo map. To your attention are the roads right from my arrow/pointer Why should it be added?: It will bring more people to the ATS servers.
  8. Suggestion Name: Banned players can't access simulation servers Suggestion Description: As per the new rules from May 2022 on the matter, instead of perma-banning them from the TMP service for a set duration, the banned can then be allowed to play online, but on the Arcade servers only and for the duration of the penalty. Any example images: can not be applied Why should it be added?: To feel like more of a punishment.
  9. By the way, how long we will have to wait for 1.44 to be supported?
  10. Apologies in advance, the event's organization sucks big time. TMP was supposed to provide adequate traffic control. Yet non of that is in place. I suppose the main goal is to allow ghosters and save-editors ruin the game for everybody else. The road network is not made for idiots in the traffic. I get it that you wanted to give the community something new, but it is poorly executed by your moderators. Speaking of them, in my attempts to deliver, only in one instance a I have actually seen and heard one to give some instructions and another to control CB-radio #19. I'm glad that I won't need to visit this sad place again. It is almost a total failure of an event with no active staff and no active traffic control. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey here... Kindly yours, Non-native English user Niuro
  11. Make the route longer and on the ProMods map for once...
  12. Nice. Now lock the maximum speed to the truck speed limitations along the road and you will be golden.
  13. You are corrct, yet the problem remains. I think that the public, in general is fead up from the American propaganda and this is the result of it. My idea was that "Canada zig-zag" road is worth giving it a chance, not the number statistics.
  14. Suggestion Name: HTC trailer access in the TMP dispatch Suggestion Description: As we have doubles everywhere, it would be nice to be able to pull the occasionnal HTC time to time, plus it will be more fun. Any example images: not needed Why should it be added?: To have a better variety of available trailer types.
  15. I can confirm from 1st person. The new Canada is better than Kirkines quarry in many ways, especially the physics with a wheel and the total the distance, if you traverce it on a zig-zag. The dirt roads are way better made there than in Iceland and Kirkines combined. The overal lack of intrest is due to how unpopular TMP has made ATS and the fact you need to buy Oregon and Washington DLCs. Some people always miss the promo days...
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