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TruckersMP 10 Year Anniversary

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Look forward to the festivities. Be a fantastic time to enjoy spending time with friends that you have made over the years, and also to reflect on those empty parking bays for those who sadly won’t be making it.


In the decade I have been apart of this fantastic community, I have met so many amazing people, some have sadly gone but majority have remained and play a big part in my life. Without you guys I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


So thank you, to the staff, the project and the fantastic community for being apart of my life and helping a scared, frightened little boy grow into a strong self sufficient man I am today.


To #TMP10 🍻

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> Joined 29 Nov 2014 - 10 Year Anniversary <



Previously known as Louie G 

Former Truckers.FM Station Manager & Presenter

Former Apollo Logistics, Atlas Logistics & Nordic LTD Manager

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Looks great, I'll be there.. ^^ :HaulieLove::tmp:🎉🎉

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I'm looking forward to this event :HaulieLove::tmp:

 Can I help u ? (u can send me message)

                                                                                                                                          ʀᴇᴘᴏʀᴛ   ᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʟ ʙᴀɴ  ғᴇᴇᴅʙᴀᴄᴋ

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Realistically speaking -> OMG, another generic TMP event on the base map. BiG surprise! Was it one?... Oh dear, oh dear... the pain! The news post is bland and only covers a summary from the past two game updates. Sad, really sad. Where is the road map? These normally exist in some form. I did not see one. "Meet the team" is a nice idea for the newcomers to see the volunteer game moderators we almost never see outside Event servers or convoys in general. Both convoys are just like the generic big VTC type made for newbie players with only 2 hours into the game. Why aren't the local mod and save edits not restricted for the convoys?! The over usage on mass by many users within the same area/server causes unbelievable amounts of server lag, that leads to game crashes. It seems the "Event team" did never play the game in heavily congested zones...

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