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  1. greetings @Syln usually and my meeting with 3 to 8 friends we took 1 load from Baltic SEA and delivered it to dlc vila la france and the euro truck cover i watch YOUTUBE greetings @JONAS CRAZY GAMER (BR277)
  2. queria saber se esse mod é compativel com o truck mp
  3. helow @quazarvoid go to profile => settings => account settings => username are you going in these steps?
  4. nao sabemos se teremos mais o sincronizador
  5. Buenas tardes @Augusto386 sólo tiene que apretar letra x que usted comience hablar con los demás jugadores
  6. Hello @Wolfu? please try to run as administrator if it does not work in avize
  7. this is very useful to the community thanks
  8. @grundi2601 helow please meet the specifications of your computer
  9. @Curva helow please try to unmount the truck mp and get it again if it does not solve let us know and in singo player mode has the same problem
  10. Would not it be black box of airplanes? but I do not know why black box because the color is orange kkkkkk
  11. Comsegui resolver eu acho desistalei e istalei de novo Comsegui resolver Quanto tempo mano
  12. Galera meu euro truck ta dando umas comgeladas isso seria o servidor? Meu pc não é porque ele fica cravado em 30 fps Obs so comgelada depois que salva
  13. dlc italy draw me write me but who has dlc if you win what you are going to do
  14. Have you already finished the event?
  15. hey @Ramis140 You wanted them to number the list of players on your tab?
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