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  1. Problem is resolved I think. It was my PC causing that. After a clean instalation all is well.
  2. Good morning Sometimes when I press TAB to access the ingame TMP menu, the FPS drop drastically and the game seems to freeze. It does not happen all the time, but it is happening frequently. Its not related to anything else I can think of (ping, other players nearby, internet connection, etc...). Anyone has this issue? Is it known to TMP? anything to solve this? Many thanks
  3. Ok. Will have to wait for it to be fixed. thanks
  4. Hi! Since the last TruckersMP update, whenever a player appears on the list/map my game freezes for a second or so. Not sure why this happening, as before even entering high populated areas it would not freeze. But now just 1 player showing on the list/map and it freezes for 1 or 2 seconds. Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  5. Well, if you want to donate to a charity, do it directly and avoid the "middle man". Simple as that.
  6. TruckersMP team asking to acknowledge the rules (almost on a weekly basis), but at the same time allowing the nonsense that happens between Calais and Duisburg...

    1. Malden86


      I do not understand what you wrote in there...What is the purpose of that meaningless long text?



  7. Thank you @Faern and @Kid Fabi, you are correct. It is indeed an issue from World of Trucks itself. However, there was no changelog displayed anywhere there I could find. [please close this topic]
  8. I have looked for information regarding this issue and can not find any. Also, it does not make any sense that SCS would make this change. If you need to teleport for repairs by pressing F7, you should still be able to continue your contract. Where did you get that information?
  9. Hi Yesterday I noticed that when I am with a trailer and doing an World of Trucks contract, if I press F7 to be taken to the garage, the trailer then disappears as well as the contract that I was doing, and only the truck is teleported to the garage. This did not happen on previous occasions. Any thoughts on this issue? Thanks
  10. You are contradicting yourself in the same comment (in fact does not make any sense), and clearly you did not understand what I said earlier.
  11. Or rules introduced to enforce that isn't it?
  12. The abuse that is clearly seen in the CB radio within this game, has nothing to do with the real CB radio in reality or the systems used by real truck drivers. It is not the fact that other languages are spoken, it is the way that the CB radio is used and accentuated by that. The default channel is used to have lengthy irrelevant discussions, insult, scream, shout, play music (and many other things!) in all languages you can think of. You can not pretend it does not bother you to listen to that! If the CB radio was used accordingly and by civilized and cordial people it would be even pleasant to hear different languages. But as it is (in game), it is totally useless to listen or communicate inbetween the childish behaviour that we see, accentuated by the mixed languages. I want the CB radio as it is a good tool, but as it is now it can be annoying sometimes. People just need to behave regarding the CB radio, and use the different channels accordingly.
  13. Driving a J-spec truck, specially with regards to the HP, really adds realism to this game.
  14. CB radio is an excellent tool ingame. However, the spam in languages other than English is really annoying.
  15. Yesterday I was forced to press F7 and ended up at Duisburg. Tried to get out of there so many times, but with that chaos was impossible. And when I thought I managed to escape that non sense, there was always someone that would tip me over, and I had to return again. I do not understand who wants to play this game like that. I really don't...:(

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    2. Malden86


      It would be pleasant and sociable if there was order! Not that toxic environment! :lol:

    3. IpilkAlaus


      To be honest, I do find some comfort in that mess. Until my game crashes:lol:

    4. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      Next time, I suggest you exit, enter SP or another server, get out of the mess, park safely and then, go back to EU#2. In the end, you'll save time and your nerves will be grateful.

  16. Well done. 120km/h would be better...
  17. Come on, make it simple guys! Do not create more useless "ranks" and "teams"...
  18. With every argument: We need to hear both sides before judging. 

  19. Am I getting this right: information was leaked? Hope you do not mind me asking, but what kind of information was leaked?
  20. Are GMs on strike? What is happening? Nobody sees the reports?

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    2. Smalley


      Real life is more important so just be patient

    3. Malden86


      I assume nobody got the point of my comment...It was not addressed to GMs...

  21. I wanted to do more, but I can't.

    I am thinking about giving up on reporting others... I sent over 100 reports over the last 3 months and it seems to me that it is useless.

    I just want to have fun with the game and I am wasting too much time with reports. 


    1. TrademarkGamer


      How is it useless? You get to know exactly what the result of your report with a reason.

    2. Malden86


      Because I believe the current punishments are not stopping offenders at all.

  22. Malden86


    Hi @Aestrial, no your suggestion did not work. The only way is to shut down Plays Beta App, and then I can get to the menu as before. I will have to use a different software for now. FORUM MODs: You may close this, as I am not sure if there is a solution for now. Many thanks.
  23. Malden86


    @?? Powerful Yes that is correct. Only when I press TAB and try to activate the mouse via "right click" (when Plays.tv is running). When the game is starting, choosing the server, or going to settings I can see the mouse. It is just mid game, when I want to use the in game menu that I can not activate the mouse (yellow cursor).
  24. Malden86


    That is the old Plays.tv. I am talking about the NEW app.
  25. Malden86


    Good evening Yesterday I installed the new Plays.tv app (Beta). It works well and in my case better than the previous version. The problem that I noticed is that when it is recording in the background, I am not able to use the mouse (activate it via "right click" ) after I press "Tab", in order to go to the Options or report someone. As soon as I disable the Plays.tv, I can use the mouse as usual. Does anyone knows how to solve this in case the found a similar case in the past? Is it a problem from Plays.tv app and therefore has nothing to do with TruckersMP? Is this a bug that shall be reported to TruckersMP so that they can look into it and improve? Many thanks ---------------------------------- Just to clarify: - I had the previous version of Plays.tv and never had this problem. This is in relation to the NEW Plays Beta app. - The mouse works during the game. It is JUST when I press TAB to see the players list/menu, that I can not get the mouse to show up so I can go to the options/report someone. Therefore, I suspect the problem is only in regards to TruckersMP, as ETS2 shows the mouse. - I have changed the keys before, but this is not related to that in my opinion. It is just when I need to activate the mouse (right click) to be able to use it with the players list/menu from TruckersMP.
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