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  1. hallo I offer help in testing the new multiplayer, if you need, tell me where to go.
  2. Happy birthday

  3. Happy birthday :)

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      I am very pleased to know that you are using our forum, but I would like to inform you about the spam.

      If you want to wish someone "Happy Birthday" more than 3 people you can mark them in the single status update.

      We're trying to keep the forum organize and that's why I'm responding under one of  10 status updates.


      Do not do that again. Respect the forum rules.

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  4. I propose to add a new command "/tps", will help people who are in a difficult situation, with an external order, to go to the service station without losing cargo. Probably everyone knows that, if you carry external orders , and had an accident to go to the service station (F7+Enter), it is necessary to cancel the transported cargo. I noticed, in game moderators, there is a command that teleports to the service station truck... and the cargo is not lost, and remains with the truck. Please allow in multiplayer, this command only for players carrying the external order. And make a timer every 5 or 10 minutes, from spam. I think this idea will be supported by everyone who likes to transport orders from the site - https://www.worldoftrucks.com Why should it be added?: This will make life easier for carriers of external orders.
  5. Молочнику это понравится!


  6. во всяком случае... новой ДД надеюсь не будет - на въезде в балтику
  7. Хорошая новость... скоро дружной толпой, поедем покарять балтику... и в родные места!!!
  8. Спасибо вам за выложенные новости... надеюсь что все так и будет как они обещали))
  9. сюда обратитесь ---> https://truckersmp.com/profile/settingsaccount settings там и меняем ник там я уже менял не помогло... как тут поменять? не могу избавиться от знаков вопроса????
  10. ребята куда обратиться чтобы мне сменили ник на форуме?
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