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  1. ^ @Andrea Vaillant I don't see how fixing the Scout's brakes (adding a whole new code for that) is easier than implementing (if you see it from coders' view) extra cars that already are in the game. I know that it's not 1-2-step, but I do know that these cars are already in the game, there already is an interior, car-height, horn etc.
  2. ^ @GKilat you are creating a whole other suggestion. To avoid post-spamming, please PM me as you still do not get the idea.
  3. If that is how you see the suggestion, then I do recommend to read the topic again to understand the suggestion more. I am not suggesting to drive something else other than a truck, since there is already a driveable car in the game - I am suggesting to make the AI traffic cars driveable if possible. If you read the topic, the cars are already in the game.
  4. Hi. Nobody forces you to read a topic you don't like to read about - if they do; please contact the admins. Test Drive Unlimited 2 was the last 'city car multiplayer' I knew with a nice community. Unfortunately the company got bankrupt. But they are not implementing more cars if you actually read the topic.. the cars are already in the game. This is not the same suggestion, so all the mentioned problems do not apply to this.
  5. ^ Hi. I don't understand how changing the game rules is a bad point, as the game rules may be changed everytime by the admins if needed. For the licensing part: SCS already has unlicensed cars in the game, they even had unlicensed trucks way back in the past (at least, in singleplayer as far as I remember playing it). The brands etc. are all faded, they do not look identical and they do not use the same brand logos. One more thing I do not understand is, how will adding more cars cause more chaos? The only thing that will be added are more cars, not more bad drivers. You can not just judge all the Scout drivers to be bad because some trolls / kids use them.
  6. C?nnell


    Hi @detecteur14 First of all: Welcome to the forum! Have you also tried opening the launcher as administrator? If the above named solutions didn't work, try deleting TruckersMP fully from your PC. This means that you need to delete any related TMP files, even the files in your Temp folder. To delete files in your Temp folder: Go to Windows search Type in %temp% Press on enter Delete all files in that folder (this is safe to do so!) Also make sure that your ETS2MP folder in /Documents/ is no longer there. The next step is to re-download the TMP launcher by clicking here. Tell me if this has worked.
  7. I think we have a 50/50 here right now, though most of the players who downvoted don't like the idea due to the drivers of the cars - not because of the car itself. To be honest, if this is doable for the developers, it should be implemented as this would really add more realism to TMP.
  8. How will adding a different 'layout' of a car affect or even ruin the game since there already are cars in the game?
  9. There is already a driveable car in TMP, it still didn't change the name or gameplay. In fact, it added more realism to the game. You can't compare a suggestion about implementing cars from 3rd party mods that needs licensing to a suggestion about implementing cars that already exist in the game itself that don't need licensing.
  10. @Smalley - Truckers.FM, @doorgapmonster As I said in the last bit of my post: there's no interior but they could use the same interior of the Scout as well as the physics, horn etc. Players won't be bothered that much with it (for now) if this actually will be implemented into TMP. It would even be better if they removed the Scout logo on the steering wheel so they can apply the interior to every other car.
  11. Suggestion Name: Driveable AI traffic cars Suggestion Description: Being able to drive (non-branded) AI traffic cars that already is created by SCS to bring more realism to TMP than it already does. Any example images: (Volkswagen, with non-branded logo) Why should it be added?: These AI traffic cars are already in the base game, created by SCS which does not rely on any 3rd party mods. Not only will this improve the realism to the game in multiplayer, but will also decrease the amount of pilot-cars as many players drive them without even piloting any convoy. I do understand that some players may disagree as they hate most of the car drivers in the game due to the bad brakes and truck physics - but not everyone drives reckless. For the interior part: they could just use the same interior in every car, players won't be bothered that much if this suggestion actually gets put into the game. Let me know what you guys think Off-topic: Yay, this is my 100th post!
  12. I like this idea, I think it's possible for the developers to make something like this for VTC
  13. Playing Minecraft Survival again after a few years not playing it, hehe.


  14. Does anyone know if it's against the rules to post a photo of another game in your status update?

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      Thank you very much guys!

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      *cough* @Rekoil_ spams the forums with Flight simulator photos *cough* I didn't say anything :troll: 

      But in all seriousness there is no rule against it. 

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      Thanks man ;) 

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