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  1. Your question has been answered here.
  2. ^ that's probably the cause of your problem.
  3. Birthday 02/15/00

    Are you only 17 years old?

    You are leaving Europe soonB)

  4. mwl4 is indeed the owner of the project. At the moment, TruckersMP is not a company if I recall correctly. Our intentions are not to make money, if we do so we give SCS a reason to shut us down. Project managers and developers have acces to private messages in-game, since they are stored in server logs. Yes, other than porting the mod the developers are always busy working on new features.
  5. Moved to help.
  6. We diagnosed that certain paints crashed other people their games, people say they didn't but they did. That's why they are restricted now.
  7. We do not have plans to do such a thing at the moment, our focus is aimed towards bigger projects.
  8. Well, if Promods push a small update that means everybody needs to re-download it all again. It really puts a lot of stress on the servers.
  9. This would require a partnership with Promods, and I doubt that will happen. Also the server infrastructure will need to be expanded to a new level, because Promods is 2.5GB.
  10. It's still planned, and we really like to create it as soon as possible but it needs a lot of work of course. So no, I can't give you an ETA, but I can tell you it is still planned.
  11. Not at all, just a question like many others in my opinion. :-)
  12. At this point it's unknown, since we haven't made plans about that yet. But I think we won't add our own version of them, like we tested before.
  13. Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium and Italy. Only in Europe basically, I wish to go to the US soon.
  14. Hello, First of all, there are not many vacant spots for people to join in - so we always can choose a few people and not more. We have more than 80.000 members on the forum which means that a few people are the 'lucky winners'. How many recruitments it takes? No idea, some are recruited the first time they apply, others took it a few times. It's really hard to say.