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  1. We've had this in the past, and it got abused quite a lot so we really do not want to go back to the previous system.
  2. Hi truckers! Today @Clarkinator is turning 24! It's his 3rd birthday he gets to celebrate here, 3 years in this community already! Happy birthday Clarkinator!
  3. We want to prevent people boosting their reputation with e.g a friend's account or a second account. We've had the possibility of giving negative reputation (dislikes) but this wasn't such a succes.
  4. We've had internal discussions about this, and right now it'll stay the same. You can apply from Support for Moderator and see if you will be recruited then. Declined for now, I'm sorry.
  5. Going to stream some ETS2 Admin work on EU#3:

  6. [MEDIA] @Sgt_Tailor promoted to Media Team Leader, I'm stepping down to focus more on my CM duties.
  7. Going to stream some ETS2 Admin work on EU#2:

    1. Bonnm
    2. Rudiansyah


      Other times I will see Ryan 
      I was always too late if you do streaming with twitch.

  8. Still, I doubt it very much if even an extra game is possible. As far as I know the games you mentioned aren't made with Prism engine, ATS & ETS2 are. ETS2 and ATS are able to be supported both because the code is very similar. Basically, to make a multiplayer mod for a different game could (I'm not a dev, but I think it is) totally different than this one. Also, remember this mod is still in Alpha fase and we want to implement a lot more interesting features which will cost time. If you spread that time over even more games, it'll take very long before something is finished.
  9. Developing TruckersMP already takes a lot of time and effort, there are only 2 devs which have school / jobs next to this aswell. It's completely voluntary, and to run an additional 3 games is way too much to handle as 2 developers.
  10. About the situation on my reports; You can also check from 97273 to 97276. Each report is about a player's rule breaking. Eash report have timestamp on both, MP report page AND video's itself. Each report got /pinfo and/or TAB info.


    Please trust me this is not my first reporting and won't be the last.

    1. Kravaty
    2. heyhococo


      Okay then



    3. Rekoil_


      I'll review it tomorrow.

  11. improvement ;)



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    2. Rekoil_
    3. Kravaty


      ye works for me now

    4. Mirko9


      Krav,check  internet connection xD

  12. Hello Truck oh sorry Rekoil, how are you and congrats on the promotion, did Vodka leave?

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    2. delboyspencer


      Yeah life is back to normal so what, slowly getting back to playing ETS 2, like the changes made.

    3. delboyspencer


      Double post right there lol, good to be back 

    4. Rekoil_


      IPB having a hick-up, happens often. :-p

  13. staff

    The only option would be to find a plugin for IPB to show secondary ranks beneath the banners. I believe those cost money and we aren't sure if it works anyway, so.
  14. staff

    Tried that once, it's a bunch of work in the permissions area but it doesn't work. Since IPB has screwed up their permissions settings, we can't make it work for all combinations so we won't do it for anybody.