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  1. Rejected.
  2. Moved naar Archief ivm inactiviteit.
  3. New Rocket League season starts off good! Anybody else playing now? :)


    Just got to Platinum I div IV.


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    2. Rekoil_


      I did like the season 3 rank system, since I got pretty far in that. Unfortunally, not enough time to get myself to champion. This season I have to go to more layers of ranks, which is pretty frustrating.

    3. Digi7al


      Not exactly... From what I saw there are only 3 divisions now? Instead of 5.

    4. Rekoil_


      4 divisions currently. But I don't think that weighs up to the added ranks, I can be wrong cause I didn't calculate it.

  4. What is the economy update? Tried to find a post about it but i.... i... I Failed :(


    1. Kravaty


      they wont add it until ETS2 is no longer supported


      which is like never


      so it'll probably never get added....

    2. T1902T




    3. Kravaty


      they dont really tend to add major things -_-


      dunno why

  5. @Mr_Pingu The Netherlands refused to give permission for Turkish ministers to come into the Netherlands and hold a referendum about increasing power of Erdogan. It's causing tention cause Turkish government thinks Turkish people living in the Netherlands are still Turkish, while the Dutch government find them Dutch. You can read more here if you are interested:
  6. Hello Rekoil :):lol:Rekoil forum truckersmp ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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    2. Sven67
    3. Rekoil_


      Old screenshot? I haven't been in-game for past ~2 weeks. :-p

    4. Kravaty


      not a very good cm then ;)

  7.   Hello brother, I even forget I have a little trouble fault sqm ..deci I played was one that struck me everything ... I did not report came one and a momendat I did omu pictures .. someone gave vina..dar admin ... ok I regret not listen to me any cum..stiu I swore because I was too nervos..tot three months :( please can you help me :(

  8. Rekoil_ its Taylor, and i need help please can you message me via forums, or if not can you email me at [email protected]


    Thanks, Taylor.

  9. Declined, bans won't be countable after 1 year, but it will stay on your history forever.
  10. @mcglynn14 That is most likely your browser or your internet failing to load the white CSS stylesheet.
  11. You'r broken the rules :troll:


    • Max filesize: 150KB total download


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    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      @chatyo actually that is fine ;)

      Is just above 150kb and under 200kb

    3. FiR3VIP3R


      What how come when i had 160kb i was told to remove signature. Pff

    4. Kravaty



  12. Everything works fine when I switch between them, please define "broken". ^
  13. Hi there I was wondering if you could help with a ban appeal I have made. The game admin hasn't got back to me sadly. I feel I wasn't massively at fault with it. I had spawned into the game on the most hectic place on the Calais-Duisburg road. I spawned on top of a truck and glitched up into the air, thankfully the bridge helped me a little to not land on the top of the car I was driving. I had 67% damage so I could get to a place. I was then in a situation where I ended up on the opposite side of the road (pictured in attachment). I tried getting on to the right side of the road but I couldn't as it was packed. I could reverse out of it as there were vehicles behind as proven in the picture and vehicles in front too. I was basically stuck on the opposite side and there's nothing I could do other than resetting but then it costs money and I'm not financially in a good state. I was wondering if I could have help with this as I feel I was wrongly banned by a game admin. Thanks for reading and keep up your good work!


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    2. TheKHFCFan98


      Ok thank you very much Sentinel.

    3. Sentinel_



      No problem, here is some more information:



    4. Rekoil_


      As said above, please do that as I'll be able to help you there better than here.

  14. 8096bedc95484597b1adcc6f3f1fd3dc.png

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    2. KacaKTV
    3. DerAmpelmann


      Hello darkness my old friend. 


      (somebody had to say it)

    4. FiR3VIP3R


      Kravaty already did it

  15. I'd not go for AMD FX processors, I'm currently running on an AMD FX8320 @3.5GHz combined with a GTX970. It runs, but the amount of money you are wanting to spend could bring you a better Intel setup for the same amount of money. @The Imaginative Lad got it on point basically.