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  1. "Имах" играта от 2013-та....но си я купих когато MP беше пуснат
  2. ^New update was just released - the latest versions are now supported
  3. After all its just a game and yes I am aware its a simulator and all the boring stuff, but it simulates whatever you tell it to simulate - turn off the speedlimiter, raise/lift axles at 150kph, get in corners with extremely high speed - In other words, It simulates the game under your conditions, even if they are insanely unrealistic. Anyway, moving on: I do doubt that the game can simulate the escort vehicle in SP, Maybe some day we'll see that, but for now, I believe SCS did the things which are currently possible
  4. ^Oi! Don't use profanity! Anyway, It depends on how much of the code has been changed - I hope that we'll get an update asap
  5. The ban has expired => Moving to Help>Solved
  6. Nope, sadly I'll have to disappoint you - currently there's no way to change the MP's controls. IIRC this is in the "To Do" list of the devs, so we'll hopefully see it soon.
  7. Author marked Ray's answer as best one, so I'll move topic to Solved
  8. As already said, the current game versions are supported (moving topic to Solved)
  9. ^ = Topic moved to Help>Solved
  10. ^After SCS releases the update
  11. The posts were hidden by me - Suggestions are open for discussions, so People can point possible flaws and add more stuff, so the suggestion can be improved - simply posting "+1 I like the suggestion" doesn't help to improve it in any way - If you like/agree/support the suggestion, simply up-vote it: And just to remind you :
  12. or the key for CB to be re-assigned to something else
  13. And to explain it: When you connect to MP, your game automatically synchronizes with the server. This synchronization tells your game that e.g. 7000 game hours have passed while you were online, so your games advances the time with these 7000h and you end up being late. To fix it, just make sure that: You own a truck You start jobs only after you have connected to MP
  14. ^No, it means that 20:00:55 is wrong and it should be 22:00
  15. Hi, this is caused by the time zone differences - The site (and servers) use UTC. In other words the ban should expire in just under 15 mins. Also you can set your time zone at the Site settings tab over here (so the times will be shown in the correct time zone).
  16. Moved to Solved on Author's request
  17. Making another account to evade a ban is not a good idea:
  18. Your ban has expired, so I'll close the topic
  19. The game is already linked =>moving to Help>Solved
  20. ^The fact that someone broke the rules does not give you permission to break them too - Everyone is responsible for his own actions, so If you want to have "revenge" - just report that player, so he'll get what he deservers.
  21. ^Not really, it's just not a priority (like bug fixes, support for new versions etc.).
  22. Voted for Lublin, because Long-distance deliveries FTW <3
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