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  1. BlueSky <3

    High beam's

    /move to close @Anriandor
  2. ^ I think number 3 is a good idea.
  3. The new video, who i'm driving slowly: Result: It's good but too many overtaker :/
  4. I will made a video, who I'm driving slow and we see the result of slow driving! Notice: I do not make it because of clicks!
  5. I have not cutted him, he has given me room so I can overtake. And thanks, when you giving me the dislike ^ Pomerov Good that you have 90 km/h speed limit, very good. But I hate that one truck driver, who drives always 120km/h and overtake. I drove with my Skoda 120-160 km/h(I knew, it is not a racing game) but when there is someone who drives 90 km/h I won't overtake him. See my quote over these. I'm driving with the skoda fast, but with the truck I drive 60-80km/h. And I didn't made an accident.
  6. Hello guys, at this video I will show you, that the C-D road has a new problem: Too slow driving and no warning lights to warn of the traffic jam or an accident. Many accidents happen by the constant overtaking of slow trucks and if one does not put the warning lights, someone always goes in. I hope you can see this in this video here. https://youtu.be/-EQ93WjKbtA
  7. This is a It should not be added! It is just a tip for the people who want to get out of Duisburg without any damage and traffic jams. And I did not know in which forum I should describe my idea.
  8. Suggestion Name: Alternative possibility to move out of the Duisburg workshop. Suggestion Description: This is an alternative road that should be crossed when Duisburg is overpowered with players. Any example images: Scroll down Why should it be added?: It would reduce the traffic jam at the Duisburg workshop and the players would then spread to Duisburg. I always used this road and it is much better.
  9. BlueSky <3

    High beam's

    Then is the topic closed.
  10. BlueSky <3

    High beam's

    It will reduce lag at a traffic jam, when we turn off the high beam's. Really good idea, but what about the flasher? How do you do that?
  11. BlueSky <3

    High beam's

    Suggestion Name: Forbidden to turn on high beam's on the Calais-Duisburg road, Brüssel, Calais and Duisburg. Suggestion Description: High beam's are blending on the road, when there is a driver. At Calais-Dusiburg and the high traffic city's it is just distracting and annoying. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It will reduce lag and reduce the accident rate.
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