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  1. How much of the queue did you skip though? If the queue is 20 trucks long and you come flying along, skip 18 and then decide 'Oh, I need to merge' and block a running lane because you want to try and cut in, then you deserve the kick. You are well aware of the reason behind the queue, it's the World of Trucks event, you know that everyone lining up is being patient and waiting their turn. What right do you have to skip ahead and go 'Screw you guys, I deserve to go to the front.'? You, and everyone else who does it, deserve every kick they get.
  2. Depends on my truck and intended purpose. If I'm just using a general single trailer cross-continent, then a 4x2 will suit me. If I intend to stay within the UK, I'll using a 6x2/4 Mid Lift. My current Finland HTC truck is a 6x2 Tag lift I'll use a 6x4 in Sweden/Norway/Denmark for the extra traction when climbing hills while using a B-Double.
  3. My current J-Spec truck. New gen Scania S580 4x2 in that rather lovely metallic blue. A couple of little Mighty Griffin parts such as the door handle trim but nothing major.
  4. Mods used for these pictures: Promods 2.25 Rusmap 1.8.0 BDF Tandem Pack Viva Trucking Skin Packs
  5. Does anyone have a side-by-side of the old XF Euro 6 and the facelifted version? I can't work out what the differences could be.
  6. Pretty much as the title says. With the recent blog from SCS, they said we'd be getting double trailers. For ETS2, that means a full length trailer + a shorter drawbar trailer while ATS is getting dual 24's. In the past, the admins attempted to make Double full length trailers work in ETS2 for an update to the physics broke that, so I was wondering if we're going to see a return of that experiment and maybe even see it in ATS
  7. I first posted my DAF a while back, basing it off the trucks at work however since I bought the wheel customisation pack, a small update was in order. Loose wheel nut indicators in typical fluorescent yellow-green. Specs are still as follows: DAF XF Euro 6 Space Cab 460hp engine 6*2/4 with mid-lift chassis Right hand drive (Uk truck) Basic white paint Runner tyres with grey text No lightbars or further outer cosmetics. Only individualisation I have done is the driver plate and cabin accessories such as GPS, fluffy dice and other little things. A couple at night time in Hirtshal
  8. Paltala

    Economy reset

    If you play MP for a day, your in-game economy will be at a set point. If you then don't play MP for 48 hours, your game is still at that set point but the server has been advancing for 48 hours. The moment you reload the game, your save tries to catch up but it won't have any jobs for you to run, hence the 'economy reset bug' @[ST-P] JamNationDom, the bug isn't made by the TruckersMP team. It's an SCS issue as they never anticipated MP or the way it works. Unfortunately it's something to deal with. The easiest way to deal with it is quick travel to a garage, you'll have jobs back.
  9. Thanks for the warning about this! Next time, send out broadcasts before disconnecting everyone.
  10. I'm not entirely sure why we use 6*2/4's but I believe the trucks are all rented. However, in the UK, trucks staying within the UK tend to be either a 6*4 or 6*2/4, with or without lifts. It's only continental trucks that tend to be a 4*2 we see. As for what we have, all refrigerated trailers carrying either Chicken, Beef, Fruits, Bread, Crisps or any combination of the above. That's a general thing from my site. Some of our drivers do runs around the country, never touching out site, for 3 or 4 days at a time, no clue what they do.
  11. Topic of honks: Go for it, or flash high beams like I do. People who say you shouldn't are the ones trying to play this game as realistically as possible. It's a game, plus on a map as big as it is with only 2300 people at max, sometimes you could go 30 mins without seeing someone in the distant regions. Delivering goods: Courtesy, wait your turn. It makes it easier for the person already there to back on as they can see clearly. I actually wish collision zones were enabled in the drop off points. It's mean people would actually have to be patient. Fast-Park: No. Got disabled. Lights: Just leave them on. It's easier.
  12. You guys want J-Spec? Here is a true J-Spec, copied from the trucks at work. At work, we have 6 DAF XF Euro 6's with 6*2/4 mid lifts and the space cabs. Here, we have a DAF XF Euro 6 with the 6*2/4 mid lift and a space cab. No bumpers or extra lights, no beacons and no fancy wheels. Only things that divert from the RL version are the tires (obviously) and a few person cabin accessories. Bonus fact: The trailer was Chicken Meat, what my workplace works with 90% of the time so another nod to realism.
  13. Paltala

    CCTV Cameras

    You could try that big industrial estate in Kobenhavn, the one where you turn left before the town to get into it. Super busy area allowing for plenty of action and trucks.
  14. So what will this actually be used for except as an admin car? Also, it needs a more powerful engine, the most recent video showed it struggling at 110kmh in 5th gear on a small incline. Also, will the admins try a bit of roleplay with pulling over random trucks for 'inspections' or will we just see them parked in random places?
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