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  1. shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. But yes, reports are being dealt with swiftly.
  2. Gotta say, with the number of trolls roaming the servers it's not a paid cheat it would be a good balance to counter the bs ramming. As for the post, underwhelming. Just seems like an ad for more patreon support to me. Sorry, but unless something big changes then SCS multiplayer will take a large portion of the serious simmers away.
  3. Yeah, for now the new 'convoy' mode for up to 8 friends won't have much of an effect on truckersMP (and I'm really not looking forward to open lobbies where trolls banned from TMP will roam endlessly doing their very worst). But: I think everyone is looking at this the wrong way. This is just the beginning, IMO. This is SCS trying out how to get their player base (average of Circa 22k, compared to TMPs 6k-ish) online with others in a controlled way. If this works their is a possibility that they will try for larger lobbies on dedicated servers. Which of course brings up another problem - scattering the user base across many different servers. I'm wondering, and do correct me if I'm wrong, why SCS and TMP are not working together in this to make the experience even better?
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