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  1. Possibly its caused from the recent update of truck dealers?
  2. Do you cover the game requirements?
  3. week since no info update ? Tried using profile backup from older game version?
  4. Happens when other player spawns his trailer on top of yours while you are not in a non-collision zone: Try using F7 to resuce to service (you get tp-ed to service with attached trailer)
  5. Guys, don't argue and tell us did getting own truck worked or not? (tbh that's the very first time i see such kick reason)
  6. Is it your OWN truck? (because server controls gametime, quick jobs are not working)
  7. Tried to go on SP and buy new truck? (if you have mods in SP, your game will crash when you load the save, because MP disables other mods)
  8. Does it happen in certain area or its just everywhere? Does it happen when truck gets in your range (Players near you list)?
  9. once again: in SP you get a lot of bad-quality AI traffic and one truck in HD(your own), in MP, every truck is in HD AND it has its own tuning/paintjob ...
  10. It happens to me since MP is out and after a min or 2, it reconnects - I believe Steam disconnects itself when you get some lagspikes, so you won't loose connection w/ the game
  11. Its not error, it prevents you from abandoning your trailer and driving away (possibly blocking roads)
  12. You get that warning at WTCC and some other big-yard companies - when you are at the clan icon, you are on the edge of the range before you loose it (in some ocasions, if you are outside the non-collision zone and someone spawns trailer on yours, it may mess yours)
  13. How comes they push you around and you don't get a sinlge % damage?! o,o
  14. It happens when someone alt-tabs or while the game is loading (its not a bug - just while you are tabbed out, the game doesn't send/accept any info from the server =- nothing mooves = 0 ping)
  15. this happens when you are outside a non-collision zone and another player takes a job. You can rescue to service - it will teleport you to service with attached trailer
  16. a guy reports 0.1.4 release topic for "When can we play MP with mods?" .....Anynoe got a spare axe?

    1. Prime


      Will a tactical nuke do the trick? :P

    2. FirestarteR93


      He was russian, so ...Better not use nukes

    3. PursuitGamer6


      Hmm, then use a Kalasjnikov. Hihi

  17. Try to get (the F. )out of the area - fast-travel to some garage before clickling on "Drive" button
  18. Keep in mind that while you hod RMB, you don't have any control over the truck
  19. only way to get them disabled in MP is someone to make some add-on(like the enhanced sounds thingy), yet im playing since mod came out, i got all possible (around 132) drivers hired and they don't earn anything in MP even if i use fast-travel
  20. you can turn it off from the settings
  21. Turn your camera around, so you'll see as less players as possible. That way you'll make your GPU and CPU's life easier in crowded areas
  22. ^That's nothing usefull - it crashes only for you (there's new version avaiable, check if it still crashes)
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