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  1. Its protection so you won't crash players around you - simply they are not supported yet
  2. Im trying since topic was made to recreate it w/ random players, yet it works fine every time
  3. so we can actually have proper signatures and not our PC specs there
  4. Weell.... intel i3 w/ 4cores on 2.1ghz, 3gb ddr3 ram, some nvidia geforce 310m(512mb), I even got built-in keyboard!
  5. You used any map/truck/tuning mods on the ETS2 profile? , in MP they are automatically disabled and game doesn't have access to it
  6. any update if the issue? (edit)2weeks w/o any update, moving to unsolved
  7. any update of the issue? (edit) 2 weeks without any update about the issue, moving the topic to unsolved
  8. Snowfall was test for syncing weather, syncing is planned, probably won't happen before beta It is possible if all of us have like Nasa's connection speed and servers
  9. (except the MP login screen) easiest way: press tab when you load your savegame - if you are in MP, a players list will appear
  10. unlike real life, here ingame, we got lag - everytime you overtake/being overtake, keep at least 80-100m distance (so if one lags, he won't kill the other truck)
  11. Possible solution: Move everyone who plays to live in 10km radius of the server's location
  12. That awkward momment whne the guy infront lags, you barely aviod him, he crashes and next second an oncomming truck appears ...

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    2. PursuitGamer6


      I think i saw that too, Miles.

    3. Miles!


      I had it recorded but I cleared out all my old clips last night, I don't think I saved that one, I got to video 200 and I was just like, "yeahh nothing interesting happened after that *delete*"

    4. delboyspencer


      Just shut your eyes and hope for the best lol

  13. Then why my 500-eu 2010 laptop can handle it? xD I just...there ain't a lot of options why game crashes at most crowded places while running on machines with i7 and i5 processors. Either you got too much stuff running on background or your graphically maxed out game can't handle all of the traffic
  14. Once again: Your game "randomly closes" because it can't use more ram/cpu power - In other words upgrade your PCs - we can't do anything about truck models - all trucks you see in MP are HQ ones and your PC can't handle all the trucks in e.g. Rotterdam area
  15. Welcome - better late reply than never Same profile you use on MP; Exactly what i meant - anything that makes the game speed up the time adds new jobs
  16. oh please, none WOT player uses it before he lags so bad that his tank drives itself in the water (and i don't mean TOGs) xD
  17. if it gets added, it'll be cool to have option to turn it on or off
  18. This is why: always leave when you deliver your job if you get job in MP, you'll be late in SP, but if right after it, you get back in MP, you'll have same hours remaining main reason for job time to be so big and never running out Note! you may get 10 000 hours for job to run out, but you still get limited time to deliver your trailer
  19. Y U NO stop commenting on reports > : (

  20. What other stuff are you running on background? (every time it changes somg, my game gets minor lagpike)
  21. (moved to "To be Fixed" section)
  22. Runs ETS2, it can't load my save because Going East is missing...Meanwhile Steam tells me I got no ETS2 installed...

  23. No update since 2 weeks - moving to unsolved
  24. No update since 2weeks - mooving to insolved
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