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  1. allo, been a long time since I last checked in so was hoping someone could give a short run down on if there are any dlc not compatible with the current version of ets2mp pretty sure daf is too new to be updated yet

    1. Rev.


      All DLC's are supported however the game version is only supported up to 1.27 on ETS2.

    2. Kalido


      okie dokie thanks, figured the current game version was incompatible for a bit as usual but thanks regardless :D

  2. has the australian/asian server been closed? been awhile since I have checked in but the past few days it has been closed am I just too late/early?

    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      It is currently offline. So it hasn't been deleted but it has been turned off.

    2. Kalido


      ahh alright thanks guess I'll have to brave the eu servers hahah

  3. Hey there people

  4. I think I started 2012 can't remember, I mostly fill lanes in 5v5...which usually either means support or jungle don't mind them though, mostly play leona support or hecarim jungle don't really follow esports or twitch streamers hahah ohh and I play on OCE though I haven't played much lately got back into cod ghosts with some friends
  5. Does anyone know how to reset your triplogger password? I forgot mine so I can't download the latest version :/

  6. Some people man, insulting admins is not the way to go.

    1. Creatured


      yes it is.... if you want a perm ban

  7. Seeing as people appear to be posting amusing advertisements, Never seen this one below here on TV found it derping around on youtube
  8. Ohh yay another video blocked in Australia
  9. It really annoys me when it happens, and egg-roll that is the car the ad was showing off as a heavy duty truck and I know Inthernet It still doesn't make me believe calling it a truck justifiable, hell the trucks in ETS2 are more like vans than trucks to me
  10. Hey guys I was watching tv when a commercial comes on for the Toyota Hilux, usual stuff. Half way through the ad the guy calls it a truck.... this really annoys me as I've been bought up to recognise this as a truck and this as a car Do you guys have similar views to me? I understand everywhere things are seen differently, in Australia we call that a Ute which I believe is the shortened term used for utility vehicle where some place like America call it a pick-up truck. What are your pet peeves?
  11. Holy moly 1.17 is awesome not only does it look so much better but it runs better on my laptop :D Anyone else notice the trucks feel a bit lighter?

    1. konfig0


      Suspension ;)

    2. jezzer206


      the driver sniffs, the gears grind when you lift the clutch to quickly the list goes on

  12. noo!! I can't log into the main page to download the update, password reset isn't working either D:

    1. Kalido


      ok nevermind I got it finally didn't realise I actually had to go back to my email hahah

    2. Takumi Fujiwara 86
  13. not even a day and my volvo chassis demonstration video got reported for copyright.....it's not even public ohh well atleast I can remove the audio and everything will be fine Anyway here is the tutorial Leeds Lad sorry for low quality obs tends to screw any editing software with any higher quality settings :/
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