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  1. @Olioak Great to of met one of the legends of TMP and glad I accidentally met you back in Duisburg which turns out that's the beginning of something cool …. found it amusing to how its always you to appear out of the middle of nowhere and hit me with a certain hammer but really hope you come back soon, take care and im here and on discord if you ever want to chat and have a laugh ( keep being awesome) your the 2nd GM I met on TMP and glad to of been caught off guard by you more than once (the Truck and Car ) 

    Phoenix VDL744
    CRTZ Driver 

    1. Olioak


      ❤️ Weirdly I seem to make friends by banning them :LUL:

    2. Phoenix_TMP


      hahaha @Olioak Im Still amazed and saw you earlier in Brussels (Sim 1) Keep in touch man also remember Keep up being awesome 

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