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  1. Spy :pepesus:

  2. I will really miss you my friend. 😢 😢 
    come back soon, I promise to get you the best biriyani of the world..

  3. I will really miss you my friend. 😢 😢 
    come back soon, I promise to get you the best biriyani of the world..

  4. Sorry to see you leave the team 😧 

  5. Hey all!

    I recently started spotting airplanes, I would like if possible a feedback from you about the picture. Feel free to leave your opinion, as long as it is constructive! 


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    2. Strad


      I genuinely think that it's a job well done, it looks good!

    3. Winter~


      Looks great :) . I am also an aviation enthusiastic and been following the studies of Aeronautical Engineering personally as my passion in my free time.  A380 always looks fascinating and been a largest network of source for transportation in Aviation Industry.

    4. saadzinho


      Woow, sounds good ❤️ 

  6. Привет, есть возможность показать скрин, где видно ошибку? Иначе, это всё равно что искать иголку в стоге сена.
  7. Здравствуйте, вот по этапно как можете решить эту проблему https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/775
  8. Happy Birthday Noot Noot!

  9. Vous connaissez la blague de la construction? non? Normal, elle est pas encore construite!
  10. Начиная с пункта 2, вы можете найти обозначение переведённые на русский язык а в скобках находиться значения по анг. За исключением CB radio abuse/Innapropriate name/ chat abuse, это правило находиться в пункте 1.5
  11. @Mike Dragon Happy Birthday! 😃 I hope you enjoy your day 🐲🎊🎉

  12. Hello? I was looking at the grand canyon and for standing still they banned me, I find it a mistake if they can help me, since I was with a friend and he made my own movements and he was not sanctioned, help please they banned me unfairly

    1. Chev


      Hi @BastianAlexxis,


      The forum is not the place to discuss punishments.


      Please file a ban appeal and wait for the Game Moderator to review it.


      Kind Regards,


      Community Moderator



  13. Bonjour, je m'appelle _Russian j'ai 19 ans et je suis GM sur TMP . Je parle FR mais j'ai pas de clavier FR, alors me saignez pas s.v.p pour l'orthographe. Cordialement, _Russian
  14. Welcome back! :wub:

    1. _Russian


      Thank you, Anonymous :kappa:

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