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  1. I requireBan on this dude. See you around ma man, take care :mlg_doge:

  2. _Russian

    Road to Simulation

    This is an game update I dont get why are you comming after staff, but anyways I will say it once and then this topic is closed,for me. Each staff member gives the best of him. As a person that has never been in the staff team, how did you came to the conclusion that we are not doing our job? We cannot cover the whole map with admins. What you are saying is non-sens. You dont know how many people are dedicating their time to this even tho they could be enjoying another game or beign out with their family. This is the second time at least I see you complaining about staff, perhaps instead of complaining about the job we are doing. Maybe you should at least try to do something?
  3. _Russian

    Road to Simulation

    How I said, this is a simulation game. The whole point of the game is to drive like in real life. If you want to full speed and ram into people. This aint the game to do it, sir
  4. _Russian

    Road to Simulation

    This game is about driving trucks, if you want to speed. Go play need for speed or whatever, this is called a simulation game for a reason. The fact that you complain about staff work is funny, because you dont have a single clue how much work is done behind. You only see the top of the iceberg and yet you are already judging. Regards, _Russian
  5. _Russian

    Road to Simulation

    Love the idea of 110, even tho I am often driving external contracts which means 90 km/h top so, not a big deal from me. But globaly I like this update because it will force players to play appropriately the role of a truck. You will almost never see a truck speeding 150km/h IRL. _Russian
  6. _Russian

    Donator Tags

    From my perspective you donate in order to support the community, not to flex around with your tag because you donated X amount of money. The whole point of donating is to support the server,devs that are working hard on this project. What you are suggesting is donating to flex on other people that dont have/want the amount. -1
  7. Personnaly, I have never seen someone streamsniping(or call it however you want) by a map. Usually its done when people are in your friendlist or in discord. When playing, discord shows where are you at maybe its comming from there? Do you have a 100% proofs that people are comming from 3rd parties sites? If so, then I will change my mind, otherwise, you got my idea <3 _Russian
  8. _Russian

    Adding a feature to the report system

    I do not believe that its a good suggestion because people will often just missclick on someone without noticing. Like you expect to click on 1 guy, then you click on the guy in front of him but you think that you clicked on the guy that broke a rule then you proceed with the filling of a report. Which at the end will create a false report and will waste bolth of our times. However, I do understand what you mean and here what I suggest. To filter the people that are near to you. What I mean is : Ex: the closest users to you will appear at the top, and the more the user is away from you, the more they will be at the bottom. _Russian
  9. I think that I decide where I want to go and I don't need a robot telling me where to go. Plus I can watch it by my self on the gps
  10. _Russian

    How many times are you hit during a transport?

    1 time since like what, 2-3 month?
  11. _Russian

    Disable console commands g_suspension_stiffnes

    -1 there are safe values from SCS that you can use and you wont get banned for it.
  12. From what I saw the issue isnt in the speed. I believe the issue is in the fact that people create accidents on purpose and dont f7 quickly,then other users are coming but they cant pass since there is an accident. This is what creates the traffic jam. Imma still +1 this cuz you dont drive 150 on coutryside road xD
  13. Often I see people just rushing past me,after a few kms guess who is on the side and doesnt want to f7? xD. But otherwise I saw more adequate people who are obeying traffic rules and have common sense =)
  14. _Russian

    Hot topic #10: Holiday season

    After all this time grinding in TruckersMP I think it would be wise to take a lil nap,maybe 5 days of sleep wouldnt hurt anyone =)
  15. _Russian

    [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam Awards 2018

    I voted for ETS2= ETS2 wins for a fact,dont even bother doubting xD