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  1. Gratulálok! ?

    1. Patrik322


      Köszönöm szépen! ?

  2. Got the "new" ride broken in, but it's time to get the old girl into the 7 digit club :)


    1. antrax737


      Dayum! Now this is dedication, i have streamline at 400.000km and 5 or 6 trucks just under 200.000km, but you wooo, kinda tryharding there eh? :D Still years behind some other guys who had over a million on one truck 2 or 3 years ago. GG!

    2. buksee


      Well, this is my "MP" (+WoT) account with just over 1mil km's, had like 2 others with over 700k km's each within 2 years when ETS2 was released, but lost the original CD in a move and later my hard drive crashed, so I had to buy the game again, this time through Steam, then decided to jump in MP at the same time. And with this acc I had like 2 big pauses when I was playing other games, one of those was almost a year long. But it was about time to get back into it :) 

    3. antrax737


      Oh i know exactly how things go with pauses and stuff, been there done that.

      Unlike you, i have too many trucks and not enough time, about 20 trucks i think, i've been on and off the game for about 2 years now, but somehow im coming back to right right now...

      Drive save mate.

  3. "Save it. Darling save it. Save it! Bwaaaahhh!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57SGdBIsB1M


  4. Mint-green ?

  5. Well, this is new. The first plane "landed" straight trough the road and my cab. Not gonna lie, kind of clenched my bottom :D This second plane went a little further and went trough the forest.



  6. What is wrong with the Servers? I'm getting Kicked from the Server for "Unreliable Connection"... Never been kicked for this reason before, and always had 40-50ms ping, just like today... And it still kicks me out... Annoying...

    1. Petrova


      same problem...

  7. First come, first served, I have an extra code for the Baltic DLC. But I will have to check the person on steam to make sure they don't have the DLC already.

  8. In the 'Rules' under the 'Sever Auto Kicks' section, can somebody from the staff update the time? Because I'm pretty sure it's not 4pm-7am, I think it is 9pm-5am right now, but I might be mistaken.

  9. Is this even allowed in Multiplayer??


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    2. heyhococo


      There’s a 5000hp Engine you can get through save editing, but I don’t believe it’s allowed, you’d have to ask someone familiar like @Forerunnerbecause he knows a thing about save editing ;)

    3. Forerunner


      Its not allowed.

    4. Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      I think it's not allowed, you can see I am surprised of this engine power with my reaction :troll:

  10. One delivery was just enough for me tonight, since someone just threatened me with 'rec', and all I did was is to stop at a red light... Kinda hoping for a report from that player, so it might bite him/her back, since I think it's not my problem that someone isn't paying attention... (There was no contact between the two truck)

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    2. Reaper


      Perfectly acceptable what you did, I wouldn't worry about that at all my friend :)

      Unfortunately some people seem to think they own the (virtual) roads in ETS :D

    3. .StεvƐ.


      @Positivetrucking168 it’s because a lot of people feel what they do is right and anyone who does things differently, whether within or outside the rules, they are the worst thing since cars were invented. Hence why I ignore those kinds of people becauseso long as I know I’m in the right and within the lines of the law, they can’t do anything. 


      Seriously though, I think the rule on red lights should be changed so that it’s punishable to run a red unless there’s a good reason, such as it being a late change and not enough real estate to stop safely. Most people are too impatient and anyonewho holds them up, even for a minute is breaking rules in their eyes, if mp added a rule that if anyone makes a false report without reason or proof, they should get the equivalent punishment of the crime they’re trying to pin on someone else, maybe then not only will reports be less, but these types of people who feel it’s right to report someone because they’re not driving the way they are, will stop, eventually. 

    4. Interstate Nomad

      Interstate Nomad

      Do not worry - you are entitled to stop at every red light.
      Reporting a player for stopping at a red light is a waste of time, because that report will not be accepted.

      Drive safely! :)


  11. Time to relax, don't forget to pet your dog.

    Have a good Sunday afternoon!


  12. Man, the new BMW G31 looks so nice with M Performance Package!!


    1. buksee


      And this is a 520d. I would have taken the numbers off the back...


    2. buksee


      The crazy thing is, that you have bigger legroom in the back than in a shorter new 7-Series


      Oh and sorry, I miss-typed, this is the G31, damn I look like a newb :D

  13. Happy Birthday! So... The Heavy Cargo DLC was released on your Birthday... Was it coincidence or a surprise from SCS? :D

    1. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Thanks :D


      SCS should know. I won't let them forget :P 

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