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  1. Late Night Drive with @Racyen :wub:



    1. Racyen


      :D Two Shadows on the Road

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice truck and paint :) Great photo too :)

  2. Looking for other mature drivers on ETS2

    Hello Rou Kowalski, If you search for some Companys what you want to join in please give a look over there. For ETS2: For ATS: Hope it answer your Question and it helps to find some nice People to can drive with! ~Harley~
  3. MultiPlayer ETS2

    Hello skryma, do you start your Launcher already with -> Admin? In the Singleplayer do you use some Mods and try to connect to the Multiplayer? If yes then disable them. The another Solution would be this one, so use them Step by Step please: Hope it helps ~Harley~
  4. / moved to Generalna Dyskusja
  5. If a good Friend is trying to Troll and park like you ... :lol:




  6. Thank you for your Follow! ;)

    1. Kargho </pl>

      Kargho </pl>

      Hey, my pleasure <3

  7. Mm.. Follow...






    1. Caernage


      Ahahah :troll::ph34r: thx

      Also thanks @Kargho </pl> :troll::ph34r:

    2. Kargho </pl>

      Kargho </pl>

      My pleasure @Caernage nup :D

  8. Please remove Joker. He is unfit for you:P

    1. Harley


      Mm.. no :P -> Joker... :wub:

    2. The_Falcon
  9. Thanks for your Follow! :)

  10. Thanks for your Follow! :)

  11. game Crushed

    Hi Patte233, ist denn mittlerweile dein Problem behoben? ~Harley~
  12. Team Recruitment

    Problem solved. // Locked
  13. Minimum FPS

    Hi reaver_, i think that will not work because it is not really fair for the Players with low Computers. So not everyone can buy some high eng Pc´s. The best is to keep Distance from this Peoples with heavy lags so no crashes happen or anything that is my opinion about that! ~Harley~
  14. Team Recruitment

    / moved to Yardim / Destek