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  1. White Wolf.'s post in Game not finding ProMods files only when starting it trough TruckersMP was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,

    Did you tried to activate Promods on the Mod Manager if you have started TruckersMP?
    If yes, you don't need that because TruckersMP Promods does find it on they own.
    Another Question is, did you got any Error Message or similar?
    If so could you share some Screenshot?

    Would be nice if you could answer the Questions.

  2. White Wolf.'s post in Eine Kleine Frage was marked as the answer   
    Zu deiner Frage.
    Nur SCS erstellt die DLC's und alles weitere und nicht TruckersMP.
    TruckersMP ist eine Mod die dazu führt das die Leute zusammen fahren können aber ansonsten nichts.
    Hoffe deine Frage ist damit beantwortet!
  3. White Wolf.'s post in Can I Be Game Moderator ? was marked as the answer   
    first of all Welcome to our Forum.
    It's not that easy to just ask if you can be a Game Moderator.
    You need to have the Requirements also to be a Part of the Staff Team.
    I will quote you them below:
    ● Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules
    ● Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months
    ● Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least one month
    ● No bans within the last 12 months
    ● Must have no more than 3 bans
    ● Active on the forum
    ● Must have overall good behaviour, which includes in-game, forum, Discord and our official social media pages
    ● Language skills - English is necessary; being bilingual will be an advantage.
    ● Good communication skills
    ● Resilient, active and flexible
    ● Ability to work within a team and on your own at times
    ● Eager to learn and progress your knowledge
    ● Organised and adaptive
    ● Be able to accept constructive criticism
    ● Previous experience is an advantage, but not a necessity
    But right now we don't search for more Game Moderators, so please give it a look over here also:
    I hope that answer your Question!
  4. White Wolf.'s post in Reports / Ban was marked as the answer   
    Nein nicht ins Archiv es werden wie Seiten erstellt wo du selbst immer durch klicken kannst.
    Also sprich um so mehr Reports du machst um so mehr Seiten werden es und irgendwann wird
    es schwer jemanden wieder zu finden.  
    ~White Wolf~
  5. White Wolf.'s post in Attaching video evidence to a report was marked as the answer   
    Hello kezar12,
    The Webreport System works easy.
    Upload your Video on Youtube for example after you did that copy the Link
    of the Video in your comment below the other Things.
    So that means on the Website is not any button to click upload.
    Hope that helps.
    ~White Wolf~
  6. White Wolf.'s post in Snowing without the Mod was marked as the answer   
    Hey Kodiaq,
    you could try to reinstall your Launcher with this
    Start searching in your Windows for the Name -> regedit After you found it please use to search this 2 Names -> TruckersMP and ETS2MP (for ATS -> ATSMP) Delete all Files if you keep searching for it Turn off your Anti Vir  Download the Launcher from there -> https://truckersmp.com/download Now install the Launcher new Start it with -> Admin After you started the Launcher and connected to the Server,
    open your Tab menu
    Right click with your Mouse Settings General -> Season Effects -> Turn it off Mods -> Disable the Winter mod  
    And don´t forget to restart your Game after you did it!
    I hope this Steps will help you, if not please feel free to contact the Support about your
    Problem over there -> https://support.truckersmp.com/
    ~White Wolf~
  7. White Wolf.'s post in How does the ban turn yellow? was marked as the answer   
    To better explain it for you:
    Red -> BANBYMISTAKE Green -> you was banned in this Year Yellow -> you was banned the last Year and got no other Bans besides this one Hope you know now what i mean.
  8. White Wolf.'s post in Car skins was marked as the answer   
    No the Police skins are not allowed for random Players, because they are just for admins
    the same like the police beacons and blue lights.
    You can use each Color you like or the pilot skin.
    Hope it answer your question
  9. White Wolf.'s post in When I enter the server, my game exits the main screen. was marked as the answer   
    Hey Lizin_Gamer123,
    Do you updated your Graficcard before?
    Because had this Problem with the new Update from Nvidia you could
    try to use the Update before, that was my fix for this Problem.
    Hope it helps.
  10. White Wolf.'s post in A way to get rid of all money? was marked as the answer   
    Hey Rose,
    I just made fast some Video for you what i will show you how to change your Money
    back to 0. 
    And below the Video here i will explain you again how i did it, just follow Step by Step!
     Download the SII - Decrypter from here ->  https://github.com/ncs-sniper/SII_Decrypt/blob/bin/Program/Delphi/Release/win_x86/SII_Decrypt.exe?raw=true Copie the Decrypter into this File -> C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\Profile Number\save\quicksave Start your Game Open your Console and give this command in -> g_save_format 2 + enter -> close the Console Push the Quick save button Tab out of the Game Go into the Folders like you just copie the Decrypter Pull the Game.sii to the Decrypter Open the Game.sii Search for the Name -> Money (the best way to open it is with Notepad ++ because its easier to find) Delete your Money and set it to 0 Push Save Close the Game.sii again Tab back into your Game Load your Quick save Game  
    Then you should have now 0 Money like into the Video, but after that the best is if you open your Console again
    and put in there -> g_save_format 1 + enter -> close the Console again
    Then just Save again and then you have finally 0 Money and can drive again into the MP or SP!
    Hope this Steps helps you little bit more with the description + Video!
  11. White Wolf.'s post in No access to TruckersMP was marked as the answer   
    do you have already changed on ets2 your betas? so, -> temporary_1_30 - for incompatible mods
    after you chose this one you will see steam start a download after this download you should
    can go back to the MP!
  12. White Wolf.'s post in Autosave problem was marked as the answer   
    Hello Friend!
    Try this steps:
    Delete the launcher from MP first. Next step go to your system and search for the
    name "regedit" and there you search for 2 more names -> TruckersMP and ETS2MP
    after you deleted everthing there and he can´t find anything anymore. 
    The best way is to reinstall Ets 2 too, and with the same way like you did it with the
    Launcher so -> regedit -> searching for -> Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    Then just install Ets 2 new and don´t use your profile make a new one and let us
    know what happen!
  13. White Wolf.'s post in WHen I try to open MP it says I need ETS2 ver was marked as the answer   
    It should be enough to change it to "no betas" and your download should start
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