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  1. [EVENT TEAM] @NoTime4name leaves the team due to personal reasons.
    25 points
  2. [EVENT TEAM] @Doxxyz leaves the team due to personal reasons.
    13 points
  3. [PLAYER] @Mavi~ joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
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  9. [PLAYER] @Pauitø. joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee. [PLAYER] @Tommy~ joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
    6 points
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  11. [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @tfmpillow has been promoted to Trial Support.
    4 points
  12. I think some things can be answered here for you in terms of application etc. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/27
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  13. GPRO Group at full steam!
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  16. v1.3.5 - 2023-04-15 - Added a warning to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users about upcoming system requirement changes on January 1st - Steam will no longer support these operating systems and we will be stopping active support along with them - Updated localization - Added Dutch localization - Updated external dependencies - Made optimizations installation size
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  19. [PLAYER] @AlfieGMTV joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
    3 points
  20. [REPORT MODERATOR] @zb572 has been promoted to Game Moderator.
    3 points
  21. @Mike Dragon @McNico Support in convoy the Atlas Group!
    2 points
  22. I do not know, how is it in your country, but in my country it was on 10th of April My easter was really cool. A lot of my time I had spent with my family as usuall and also went visit some of my neighbors near to my house. I got few eggs, some chocholate and I was satisfied that I did it as every year. Its a great tradition. Honestly it is not like it used to be, which is quite sad. Regards, RedWolf_Plays TruckersMP Veteran Driver IV
    2 points
  23. SG Team Attend ACC 1st Anniversary Event
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  27. TMP after a long Time w/ @Kirbiskiller [GER]
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  30. Amazing to see how the team has grown compared to the last time I fully remember it. Keep it going friends!
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  31. really hope these cow trailers are still in 1.47
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  32. GPE Convoy 11.04.2023
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  33. Hey! Since I saw some anime profile pictures here in the forum and the discord what's your thought on anime? Do you watch it or is it not your thing? I really enjoy anime and Vtubers as you can see
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  34. 你好 @Dingzhen 首先我想说的是,汉语的帖子应发布在Chinese Discussion中,并且你所说的更新时间,这通常没有具体的时间,一切将取决于开发团队,我们只能期望更新尽快发布! 亲切的问候 Misty Island
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  35. Thank you for the follow
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  37. Trucks on the move
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  38. Happy Birthday Dear!!
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  40. v1.3.4 - 2023-03-09 - Fixed an error in Chinese (Traditional) date formatting
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