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Hello, truckers!

Today we have improved our interaction with Discord and present you new features for automatic publication of the following information - VTC.World Client updates, announcements of all open events, as well as publishing invitations for joint deliveries directly from the game to Discord VTC.World and/or your Discord.


View change log in our forum


We hope you will like these innovations. Have a nice game ?

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On 7/29/2021 at 12:47 PM, Valeant said:

Dear friends!
VTC.World and TrucksBook are now partially compatible. All standard tasks are taken into account in both Projects. 
Have a nice game.




I use Trucksbook but my question is, is there a way that syncs the two programs together having them open or is it some kind of cloud ? @Valeant

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I used to allow my cousin play in vtc world when we shared the steam account , witch we dont do that anymore cause i always tried and i keep my steam account without bans or warns , the question is somehow now i wanna try it and my profile its banned from vtc world is there anyway to apply or be able to test it out? Thanks in advance.

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On 8/29/2021 at 12:40 AM, [RusTK] Alex KERNEL said:

Yes, it really is. The project is aimed at the fact that you will develop your career on the VTCW profile. You can't change or edit the saves for this profile. All players are equal.


This is something very positive, because it really ''forces'' the person to start from Zero, with no changes anyway.

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Hello truckers,


Summer holidays and regular vacations, as well as the first autumn month are over. And now, after long discussions, designing and development, we are pleased to announce a major VTC.World update!


From the very beginning, when the project was just opened to everyone, we were approached that the economy was not close to reality. We were asked to focus on simulation.


Unfortunately, this was not possible at the beginning. But as time went on, we implemented new systems, were able to get more data from the game, improved systems had already been done, and this brought us closer to this day.


The result of our hard work is a new game mode - "Simulation".


"Simulation" is the most complicated economy and a longer improvement of the game profile, coupled with penalties, the server economy of cargo and real fuel prices, which are already familiar to you from VTC.World. The current mode we've been playing all this time is called "Simplified".


You can read more about each of the modes in our FAQ.





But that's not all.


Within the framework of the concept of immersion in simulation, we all felt the inferiority of the game economy - big earnings, a lot of money and the inability to spend it, the absence of even a minimal hint of financial planning. But we figured out how to change that.


We are glad to present a new type of accruals - Taxes.


The VTC.World tax system includes:

  • Income tax
  • Property tax (garages)
  • Personal transport tax
  • Tax on personal trailers

The tax system adds completely new aspects that you should pay attention to when planning expenses. Now, we are even closer to simulation in the game (at least to the maximum extent possible for us).


You may ask "Why was the tax system built this way?”


For income tax in ETS2, we took the German tax system as a basis, for ATS - the US tax system. This information is taken from open sources and has been improved with the help of our consultants.


For the garage tax system, we have developed our own system based on the experience, statistics and metrics of the project accumulated over the years online.


With the tax system of transport and trailers, everything was difficult from the very beginning. In the game, the transport or trailer does not contain a unique identifier, as provided in the real world. Therefore, the first thing we did was to conduct research and develop our own identification system, collected a database of the necessary data. So we were able to implement the correct values and calculation of taxes.


You can read more about taxes in our FAQ.



We are very pleased to present a great VTC.World update. It completely changes the economics of the VTC.World profile and the whole gameplay. This is the result of extensive research, planning and the work of the entire VTC.World team.

Today, all users who previously deleted their account can join the project again.

Resetting the profile is also available today.


We wish you successful deliveries and a pleasant game!

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Dear friends!


Please accept our sincere greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year!


New Year is a holiday that miraculously combines the past, present and future, bright dreams and new goals, unrestrained joy and quiet sadness, regret about the passing time and aspiration for the future. With gratitude and kind words, let us remember the old year and with confidence look into the new. May the coming year bring you happiness, peace and kindness, may it bring prosperity, health and happiness to your families.

We wish you the fulfillment of your most cherished desires. May success and good luck accompany you, may all your good ideas and intentions come true.


Let's sum up the results of the outgoing year.


What did the expiring year bring to all of us?


We are growing, the Team is getting bigger, as well as our whole Community. This year, we have a new Team - Media! ? And now we have an official VTC.World YouTube channel.


We have implemented many support for new features, both from SCS and TruckersMP.


We're constantly updating many libraries, fixing problems, adding and rewriting many lines of code. It really takes a lot of time.


What are the main results, among other things, you may ask?


We'll try to fit the answer to this question in a few lines:


+ Implemented support for other platforms, such as the TrucksBook client and others for the VTC.World profile.

+ Added a new mode for creating screenshots.

+ Improved work with navigation data cache.

+ Improved server cargo economy.

+ Improved event joining system.

+ Game Modes have been implemented; Simulation game mode has been added.

+ Added new directory "Charge History".

+ Taxation system has been implemented.

+ A damaged cargo tracking system has been implemented for direct shipments.

+ Interface elements have been added for the VTC system (not active, under development).

+ Transport archive directory has been implemented.

+ Other functions and services have been implemented.


This is just a basic cross-section of the many updates, a list of which you can always find on our forum.


And now probably to your main question, where is the VTC system?

The VTC system is in development, as evidenced by the above. We are on our way to implementation, as we have introduced a system of modes, taxes, and a transport archive. Now, that leaves the market and then the VTC, which will combine all of the above. Yes, the timeline has been delayed, affected by the large number of game updates, large functionality, which, as it turned out, took a lot of effort and time.


Warm regards, VTC.World Team.




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Hello, truckers!

Today, after long months of development and testing, we're launching a unique feature of VTC.World - Car Market!


Starting today, you will be able to purchase trucks from other VTCW players, as well as selling yours! You can purchase your new transport cheaper than from the game itself, so you will be able to save some cash. There is also a test-drive available, so you will be able to test your future truck before the purchase.


Car Market is available in VTCW client or via our in-game browser (use the hotkey to open it from the main menu).


We wish your a good purchases and sales, and, most importantly, successful jobs on your new truck!


Our teaser


How the sell and test drive work (developer's percpective)



Happy trucking!

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We are glad that SCS has implemented the possibility of lifting axle control. This means that we can enable advanced coupling for simulation mode without fear of these problems when it was impossible to clutch the trailer.


We have tried enabling this mode before, but it didn't work correctly. We are glad that now we can turn it on again.


For the simplified mode, the choice of coupling is up to the player.


Have a nice game, friends!

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My Garage My Rules.    Шофёр это не профессия, это состояние души.




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Hello, truckers!
We are happy to present to you a long-awaited DARK theme for VTC.World client!
This theme works for everything in the client, including a control panel pages. Current release is the first version of the theme - your feedback is appreciated and even required!
Dark theme is only available in the client and only for Windows 10/11


See in action: https://imgur.com/cpYmR5y

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Hello, truckers!


VTC.World Support Team is severely understaffed. We are looking for volunteers who have the ability to help other people with their issues, while also want to learn something new about the trucking sim ecosystem in general and about our project in particular. If you know Russian and English on a good level, we will be happy to work with you and share our knowledge!


All the requirements and the recruitment form are available in our Discord server, #recruitment channel (in Russian).

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