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  1. Happy Birthday! ?

  2. Thanks for your follow!?

  3. No, VTC World has its own archive. If you use this archive, your game data can be uploaded by the server. On the contrary, if you use your own archive, your game data will not be uploaded.
  4. Thanks for your follow!?

    1. Mr. sDev [PT]

      Mr. sDev [PT]

      I appreciate it and am happy to have you as a follower. ?

  5. In the evening, I received the update of version 1.3.9 of trucksbook, and found this in its update log: Added partial compatibility with jobs from Vtc.World. Is this good news??
  6. Thanks for your follow!

    1. m3rcyftw


      Youre welcomeee ^^

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    1. berechtigter


      Thank you too! ❤️

  8. ?Thank you for your team's high efficiency work mode. My problem was solved within 12 hours. I hope your VTC World project can bring us more interesting functional experience. I will continue to play VTC World to support your unremitting work!
  9. I can't install it after downloading the updated version of v0. Three days ago, I tried to report this error to your forum in the form of post, but I didn't get any reply... So, what should I do to solve this problem? PS: I checked the updates in my computer. They are all the latest versions.? PPS:This error is This program requires Windows Service Pack 1 or later.Then I can't install it.
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