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  5. Although TMP has made such a big change, I'm afraid that some new players will bring b-triple into areas with large traffic flow, such as C-D Road, and Mr. Stein quarry in Kirkenes, which will increase the pressure on traffic and pose a huge challenge to administrators.
  6. 也是感谢您这段时间为我们的服务,期待下次路上更好的相会!

  7. I'm sorry to see that. I hope the corona-virus can be eliminated as soon as possible, so that people can get back to health!
  8. Vemsky_919

    Overtake C-D

    No, I hardly go to that road, because I know that road is the place with the most accidents in the whole game
  9. There is no fixed place in the city where I put the goods, but I recently fell in love with pulling the goods from Stockholm XD
  10. met this bug. When I took a yacht to Rotterdam, the air wall of the tunnel hit me and caused 15% of the cargo damage. I had to cancel the task and try to use the car to pass through the air wall, but it didn't work. Later, when I checked the bug report, I found that some players also reported this problem. So, I think this bug should be fixed in the next version of promods.
  11. In my opinion, truck speed limit should not be closed, because European truck simulation 2 is not a race game in itself, and trucks will not rise to 200-300km / h in reality. Moreover, before TMP implemented the plan of simulation Road, the server kept the speed limit of 150km / h. for players running 80-90km / h, these "high-speed trains" are their own Nightmare, because their speed is too much higher than normal!
  12. We are all looking forward to the new DLC, i.e. Iberia and Idaho. Although we have experienced part of the scenery of Iberia in promods, we are still looking forward to the difference between the Iberia made by SCS and promods. We hope that we can experience the new DLC as soon as possible!
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