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Hello truckers!

We appeal to the players who play in the "Simulation" mode.

In the context of the changes that took place last year, and in preparation for the upcoming update, we inform you that your statistics will be recalculated or have already been recalculated.

To recalculate and update your statistics, for further participation in the tops, simply log in to your account or launch VTC.World client. Statistics, if it is not relevant, will be recalculated automatically.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


We are pleased to inform you that for the first time in many years, we have completely reworked the reputation calculation system.

Now, reputation is a qualitative indicator of your statistics, an indicator of the quality of your delivery history.


What has changed:


  • The distance of deliveries no longer matters.
  • The well-established claim that TMR for delivery should be 100+ no longer works. Now that's not the case.
  • Successful deliveries without violations, but with a lower TMR than before, no longer lower the reputation.
  • There is no difference in modes anymore. There is a single algorithm for all modes.
  • The ratio of successful and unsuccessful deliveries has a significant impact.
  • Fines and violation of limits have a significant impact. The limits are relevant for the "Simulation" mode.

We apologize in advance to all those whose reputation has been reduced as a result of this update.


For players who have a delivery history, visit their profile or log into the VTC.World client within 48 hours, and their reputation will be less than zero, we will provide an opportunity to start over.


We wish everyone not to violate traffic rules, comply with the limits, and that all deliveries are successful.


Have a nice game🚚

My Garage My Rules.    Шофёр это не профессия, это состояние души.




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Hello truckers!


Today, 04/13/2024, we celebrate a birthday.


Eight years ago, at 20:03 MSK, the ideas discussed by the Head of RusTK Valeant and RusTK driver Alex KERNEL found their name. The VTC.World domain has been registered.


At that time, the concept of the project was just being born. There was no understanding of what could be implemented and what could not. There was no experience, no knowledge of how the game works and works.


But despite the huge number of questions, the lack of necessary knowledge and experience, at that time the most important thing was ideas and a great desire to bring them to life.


Eight years have passed and today we are here, at this time and space are, celebrating another anniversary.


We sincerely congratulate all of us on VTC.World birthday! 


VTC.World is 8 years old!   


We invite you to the event in honor of the anniversary of VTC.World:



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My Garage My Rules.    Шофёр это не профессия, это состояние души.




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