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Best Scenic Routes

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Hay all, I am looking for some of the best scenic routes from all over the map, from every DLC and from coast to coast.

I would like to know where to get those awe inspiring moments that made you want to marry this game.

I want to find those routes that made your lips moisten and hearts beat.

Share your route pictures below and help others and myself discover those special places.

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The are plenty of nice surroundings:

Everthing from or to Bergen

All the small roads in Italy

South of France

Swiss Austria Hillclimbs

Even in Poland Hungary you have nice small roads

Up in Russia its also nice

Finland idk must look there

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Must Try Routes - Thank me later :wub:

1) Milano Curvy Road till A14 Highway ( Base Map )


2) Above Livorno - Curvy Road to Marmo Spa Company. The right side of A12 Highway ( Italy DLC )




3) Casino to Pescara ( Offroad) (Take the rightmost, the U Shape ) ( Italy DLC )



4) Palermo - CDE SRL Company ( Italy DLC )



5) Bergen to Oslo and Bergen to Stavanger ( Tunnel Routes ) ( Scandinavia  DLC )


6) MVM Company Near Montpellier ( France DLC ) you will also find some interesting routes in France DLC. Go Roaming. 



7) The Routes to Stein Company above Stavanger ( Scandinavia  DLC )


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