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  1. 110kmh is 10kmh too slow in my opinion. 120kmh was for me(g27) the perfect average speed. 150kmh was perfect if you go germany-oslo. 110kmh, 90kmh on a 3line wide empty road is pretty boring, thats was also the reason i didnt drove too much on the last server1 simulation mode. Also, like stated before, i think realistic physics would be a much better way to teach the nfs people that you just cant go full throttle 99% of the time. I changed my ini settings long time ago to force "realistic" physics. And now you go with 90km/h c-d and then suddenly all the 110km/h drivers start to overtake which will now take even longer and by this fact the trolls already adapted their playstyle. They dont switch over to arcade server without collision cause thats their whole point in trolling - crashing and blocking. And trolling is now much easyier by the lower speeds. On the other hand i like the forced slower speed in the citys and of course of the overall speed reduction i now take 90% wot contracts cause it doesnt really matter if i fall asleep by 90kmh or 110kmh :)
  2. Nur dafür habe ich den ATS geholt :) Erster ETS2 Screenshot den ich gemacht habe...also auch irgendwie Oldschool XD Schwarzes Pizzablech^^ :) La Amour XD Ein Franzose in Deutschland :) Willkommen in Holland :) Willkommen an der Adria. (Kollege nix haben Scania :)) Alltime Klassiker
  3. Depends strong on your prefered travelspeed If you just want to go pedal to the medal 150kmh then ofc there is nothing better then Volvo/Scania with 700+hp. You can reach that speed also with almost all other trucks but only on the way from germany to scandinavia. If you more into the simulation thing then you can have fun with all trucks Renault Magnum: Looks fantastic does everything you ask him, The new one is just not a box on wheels. Iveco: Just perfect crusing machines MAN: Big Windscreen, just perfect german workhorses Mercedes: Just perfect german workhorses with fancier lookings compared to the MAN DAF: Just dont stress yourself, enjoy being a trucker Volvo/Scania with 400-520hp: The old FH16 is your best friend, the new Volvo with 400hp is your cashcow, the scania´s 500hp V8 is your secret girlfriend.
  4. Almost never exept i come close to duisburg/calais. And by close i mean the entire Region of West Germany/Luxembourg/Netherlands. You can do a sicilia/st. petersburg tour and you wont come across one single player who is behaving himself like 50% of the people who are just playing Need for Speed with Trucks at Calais/Duisburg.
  5. The are plenty of nice surroundings: Everthing from or to Bergen All the small roads in Italy South of France Swiss Austria Hillclimbs Even in Poland Hungary you have nice small roads Up in Russia its also nice Finland idk must look there
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