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Changes to bug reporting

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Hello everyone!

With an ever growing community we constantly need to look at our processes and look for areas where we can streamline them so that we can give a better service to everyone of you. This time we're making some significant changes to the way we treat bugs. Ever since the beginning of the mod we've had a section on the forum to report possible bugs which would then be checked by staff to confirm if it's an actual bug. With a community that has grown exponentially since then, keeping a good overview of confirmed, new, double and fixed bugs has become a complex matter.

What changes?

If you have encountered a possible bug you can now report this through the support system (https://truckersmp.com/support) where a member of our support staff will look at your issue and either confirm that it's a bug or help you with a solution if it isn't. The bug section on the forum will be changed and refreshed to where they will only contain single entries of each confirmed bug sorted by status. This will make it easier for you to see if your issue is already a know bug or not.

Can I still report a possible bug in the forum section?

No, you will no longer be able to create new bug reports on the forum. Instead our community managers will make a single report of each known and confirmed bug.

What about existing bug reports that were made in the past?

All existing bug reports will be moved to an archive for consulting and our community managers will process them.

See you out there!

Greetings TruckersMP team

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Guest CrackPrewier

A situation to be must.Already the support team staff's job,trying to find solutions for bugs and some error related to our TruckersMP mod .


Also,there were too many and unnecessary topics on the forum about bugs.This is an excellent choice and decision !

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